Anarchy in Indonesia

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Utrera Manifestacion CNT feb 21

in solidarity with all workers of the world

[Spain] Mobilizing to fight the justice for workers in Grupo Prasur!

Infoshop news

80 workers from Grupo Prasur in Utrera Sevilla had not get paid for the
past 3 months, and the company had announced for its bad economic
situation to be likely to be close in the near future, it seems like the
workers is going to face double crisis in this very economic time. CNT in
Utrera is now helping the workers to organize to demand for their rights
in this struggle.

On saturday afternoon around hundreds of people marched in the street of
Utrera, a village around Sevilla Spain with 50,000 habitant. They are
demanding the rights for the workers of Grupo Prasur in the recent labour
disputes. In the past year, with many lay offs the number of the worker in
Grupo Prasur reduced to 80 from the original 300. And the company is
claiming they are facing bankrupt in this economic crisis.

But with many evidence showed that the past years Grupo Prasur was making
a fortune in the business, while they also profit by hiring workers under
age of 21 or over 50 to get the subsidy from the government.

While during this struggle, 50 workers had signed for demanding a new
election for its original company Committee UGT, and during this
transition period CNT will be taking the turn to negotiate with the owner
of Grupo Parsur to insure the justice for all workers and defend the
rights to keep their jobs.

on the board of the girl says (front)"i am scared of the situation in my
house" (back)"pay my father". The daughter of the owner of Grupo Prasur
said she was scared becuase of the mobilization the workers brought in
recent days, but what was more scary is the facts many of the workers had
not got payment in the past 3 months

Ninguna persona es ilegal!(No one is illegal!)

Infoshop news report

On 20 Feb around 30 people gathered together in Plaza Nueva Sevilla, protest against the exploitation of Africa and the immigration control. Just 5 days before this action, another boat capsizes tragedy happened in Lanzarote, 25 people were killed, 1 person missing, with only 6 people survived, many of them were under age of 16.

As the result of the strict immigration control in europe, many people tried to cross the border in the most dangerous way from Africa to Europe, Andalusia as the entrance even tho it has its own unemployment over rated to 20%, many people enter from andalusia and transfer to other parts of europe to either work in the fields or the general 3D jobs. Within the high unemployment in the southen countries, people are seeking their new hope in Europe, this also giving the europe gov a good reason to blame them, the activist in the protest explained, “the gov always talking about the immigrations, and blame all the faults on them, but the problem is not about immigration, it is about this capitalist system, of how europe had over-exploited the southen countries like africa with cheap labor and nature resource.”

The group of activists demanding for the human rights to immigrations, legal and illegal, and stop the exploitation in southen countries, the whole capitalist system has becoming a guillotine of the poor, rather its in the recession or flourish time of economic.

Lebrija Huelga General F18

The general strike of Lebrija on Feb 18.

More news/article in the future.

Spanish civil war, not anymore!

15 years ago i was in a garden full of pink flowers reading the story of spanish civil war, my dear lover bob, who was still alive, sitting next to me smoking and playing guitar, I told him, one day we will go to spain together, and that time will be ours, where we are not few, but we are all. its our time then, i said to bob. he fell asleep on my first anarchist book – emma goldman collection. And in the next 6 months, bob killed himself, i left this garden full of pink flowers, passed the book to next kid, move on with my life and crashed a few nice building. came back taiwan and crashed my own life with a self-made bomb, homeless, no friends, no money, no respect from the world. life is beautiful and unexpectful, and full of shit the same time! what are you expect from an anarchist minded person? a revolutionary life?

15 years after, i had read all the emma goldman, and been to too many protest, actions, too many fights against capitalism, even arguments of what is anarchism, who is anachist, built a few collective, left a few collective, built a few network, failed a few network, contribute too many zines, read too many things that i should, study too many of marxism like how anarchist shouldn’t. its life.

And its truth all the anarchist who are not from spain, and who are not anarcho primitivist had sort of a crush on Spanish civil war and CNT. Its true, we are too crazy about the old time, becuase we werent there, and anarchist are tend to be romantic, see this revolution full of love, full of engergy, passion and endless future is ours and ourself-managered life. Everything is possiblie and we are possible. This is anarchy.

But then really, what is anarhcy?

It is a middle class life, where there is no class, becuase for middle class they dont suffer in the class struggle, their world is beautiful becuase they dont understand authority patriarchy and hierarchy, they tend to be offended eazily because they are classy, they always have money to buy all their anarchy gear or if they skip, its till very stylish, and always have nice/well-sewed patch claiming their anarchy-identity. This is anarchy noadays. they read so many different books and sometimes they have a nice bike with all punk band/anarchy sticker on it, this is anarchy in modern world, I admit i have some fanitize with some of these anarchist boys, beautiful and charming, i like color black and like to see people in all black, have beautiful patches of anarchy, tall/skinny and fashionable anarchy hair style, that makes great picture, with a black/red flag would plus!

But besides a good picture, what else?

This is anarchy, this is all the anarchism have left in the world today, everything is over-commericalized, so we forgot how to act like oursleves, we lost the ability to know what we really are, but everything we do you can find it in Anarchist Q&A. everything they say we like, I like, everything they say we do, i do. everything they say we are not, i am not. If they say we throw a molotov, then i throw a molotov. and if we do direct action like how it explain, i do it like who it was told to you in the page. this is anarchy.

life is more than a sheet?

life is not more than a sheet, only when we can live out of it, we can be free, and only when all can get thro it, we can get thro it. You cant really live in a freedom world if capitalism still exist, that’s the bloody fact.

So basically i got all the reason to come to CNT in Spain and break all the lies, to tell the truth from my own eye, break the fetish of all the fantizied of how an anarchist flag should be wave/hang on the building.

The first day as anarchist in CNT.

I had been in CNT in 2007, in Madrid where we had to cross a nice beautiful hall and walked up to the 4th floor(or is it 2nd floor?), i remembered my heart was beating so strong when i was in the square(i forgot the name of it again) looking up and seeing this CNT banner hanging outside the balcony, it was like a big recall of the time of spanish civil war, where i was there, I am here! The first time of meeting the CNT was great, even tho I didnt understand anything they say and have trouble communicate, but it was just everything i want. This time, i had the chance to visit this place with all the CNT documents, sort of a spanish/CNT museum, with the poster from the 30’s, CNT member card from the 30’s 40’s 50’s… the spanish civil war seemed to come alive in there, where you feel like if you blink your eyes you will see some one there coming alive from the 30’s and explain you everything, anything.

Nothing is more excited when the first time holding the CNT flag in a march, where you see so many black/red flag, its mixed of feelings. Its like you are finally here to be where you should be, for so many years i was never holding any flag in any protest, becuase of not feeling belonging to anything. fighting in labor strike but feel outcast. CNT is your sindicato, and CNT is my sindicato?


I came from anarcho punk movement, where everybody looks so pretty and nice, we have everything in black, and something in red, we have this star that cross colored, I like meetings for actions, it felt like you are super important, and its always new family members, people talk you in, you are in forever and never be left out for nothing.

Spain is different, Europe is different, where you can be an anarchist from the age of 3, not brainwashed by anything, simply, easily you can be an anarchist from your very personal life.

And in CNT people doesnt really wear in all black, which is nice, it made you feel a bit real, they are normal people like your old neighbors and very socialized kid next door, this is a real world with anarchist. You thought an anarchist Union would be different, but it is not, and of course it is not, its workers and its struggles. I like how CNT is like, even tho many of other anarchist complain abt them. Its a problem with anarchist and anarchosyndicalismo who doesnt talk to each other and be two group who doesnt see any futher of connections. Altho I like this sort of criticize between two, only i wish they talk more. I came from the stree with all the anarcho punk kids, and waving some flag of red/black was never a fashion but a progress for me in this time of my life.

So in japan, they asked me: are you an anarchist or autonomos?

in Spained, they ask me: are you an anrachist or anarchosyndicalistmo?

in UK, they asked me : are you an anarcho primitivist or anarcho-syndicalist?

in Indonesia, they asked me :  are you a Libertarian marxism or anarchist?

And i have not yet been to Philippines, but maybe, just maybe when i go there, people will ask me : are you a situaionist or an anarchist?

Lebrija CNT組織者訪問 (2/9)


ALB上個星期五到了Lebrija參與了一個工人抗爭行動,同時訪問了35歲的建築工人Victoriano Vela,Victoriano是這次抗爭的組織者也是當地CNT工會的積極會員。擁有兩萬六千居民的Lebrija,在上星期的行動之後將會再有後續行動出現,抗議訴求主要為,將就業服務處(註1)交由眾人共管,為失業者爭取可能的工作機會。








2. 你們還有什麼其他的行動方式嗎?除了遊行和在市議會前的集會?


3. 在外地的我們能怎麼支持你們的行動?

我們現在最大的問題就是錢,現在我們有一些額外的捐款,但這還不足夠負擔工會的支出,要讓這個抗爭行動持續下去我們還需要很多東西:大聲公、 椅子、桌子、海報、貼紙、傳單…所以若是有人可以提供一些金錢上的援助,對我們將是最大的幫助,請你匯款到工會的帳號:2100-2615-11-011-294467




註1.這裡所稱的就業服務處西班牙文為Bolsa de Trabajo,在西班牙各地政府擁有一個如同英國的Job exchange(Job service)的部門,他們會接收到一些工會機會,若是工人有在這個部分登記找尋工作,部門將會在接收到工作機會後分配給需要且適合這個工作的工人。在這一波的經濟危機之下,安達如西亞區村莊失業問題加重,而Lebrija的市政府適圖將工作分配給自己黨派的工人們,這使得Lebrija的工人感到不滿,CNT與工人一同組織起來,要求介入bolsa de trabajo的管理與分配工作,希望能將工作更有效且公平的分配給Lebrija的工人們。