Sevilla CNT

Saying goodbye is difficult, so i try to make it short and easy. The longer it takes the more things you remember you want to say and the more difficult to say.

I had came to spain on Feb3 of 2009, arrived to Sevilla on the 4th day exactly the date Feb6 of 2009. The first day was in a demostration in Lebrija, preparing for the F19 General Strike. One of the best activity I made in the past years. Comparing this to all the things I had done in the past, the first time i feel “yes i am moving forward” not steping around in the same place feeling stuck. It was great and a wake up call that is going to impact me for the rest of my life. But what was the best isn’t one activity but the people that surrounding me in the Union in this one year, making me believe. “well, anarchism isnt a dream, but a reality that we are making”

If you are like me, staying alot of years inside the “anarchist movement” you know it is like a very private party with very few people you known of and making all the things, complaining all the things While when you do that, the world itself is a jail, becuase you see you are stuck inside, you are struggling to get thro, but you know you are stuck and that feeling is terrible, made you want to put your figure thro your throat and vomit all the bad things out, and maybe that will be less stress and maybe you will finally get a bit forward of whatever that you are looking for. But you only image this because you are not going to do it…..

Coming here and staying in CNT sevilla is very different, i got the feeling since the first day i was here, people took me in and made me part of this big family, even thro more than half of the time i am in my daydream by not understanding the language, but they always counted me in, like we were alwyas in this together. They share with me of their life and struggles. And participating ourselves in this big fight against the system. They say their worries, and speak of the ideas, then we put in actions.

One of the most precious things is the assembly, where the choice to be made and where the ideas spread. In this very basic/grassroot unions you can easily see the transfer of people by staying in an assembly like this to express him/herself and to disagree/agree with the ideas, even thor we always complain about how much more we could have done, but you cant deny, it isnt the biggest step but it is something. For me The assembly itself for the workers is like a “direct action” of action. To expose them in such an environment made me believe there is always a choice that offers to the people, and when they are willing to take it, then there will be the time.

Another thing I am very appreciated of the people here is of the ideas they gave me in the past year. I see there is possibility, becuase these people proved to me this isnt an union only stay with the anarchist, but stay with alot of different people, and by standing alone with the world, you see the idea itself is not only by speaking of the anarchist people, how nature the idea is, that is, when you see all the political parties and propaganda hit to people’s face and how they fail to the world. the cnt stays, for 100 years, the door is always open. you made whatever of the CNT of you, the CNT doesnt make you. And by doing this, the CNT is a real social revolution of the day.

A lot of anarchist people in Spain had alot of bad experience to work with CNT and complained alot of CNT, and it is surely true CNT have its bad and its good, its not a perfect modern, but it is like an open source, it does have a sturcuture but you can come in and make what different of it to make it better. the anarcho syndicalist isnt another reformist and authorites that tells you what of a future you are and you “should” be making of. But a place that welcome you to challange the extreme and the revolutionary ideas. few days ago an anarchist friend complain to me CNT is not making a social revolution. surely true we dont burn the world, but we speak to the world and make our daily life a revolution, we are very busy to be very “small” but still try to grab everybody we see and put out seed in their hands and without force but “actions” of ourselves to invite them to be another seed planter. We are as sick of the system as any of the anarchist, now while when you stealing the bank, we steal the people and by the day, THE DAY. when the insurrection is here, you are not going to stand alone, we will be there back with hundred and thousand of the poeple who was in the office you attack, take the machines, run it like how they used to, but without bosses, we operate and share and open the doors, let the wind come thro everybody’s face, with no difference, and that is anarchy.

Sexist island, Taiwan

It is very normal if a man use a sexist word decribe womyn on their facebook, it seems to be a pure compliment. And they do think this kind of sexist compliment exist, and the womyn acutally appreciated this. how amuse this is, considering these people are the people fighting against the social injustice for the world, can you image what a world after their “revolution. It is possible we are going to drown in a very funny standard of these people on beauty and moral system, constantly we have beauty contest everyday to entertain the man, of their desires. And constantly we have contest of how a person with the correct moral system.

And thinking about this idea of Workers rights after it is womyns right after it is natures right and possible and very unlikely they consider a bit, a very bit or none of the rights of the animal. Thinking about this, i wonder why i stand with this people, to stand with a very wrong perspect of the rights of creatures and very wrong respect of gender and species. Sometimes i think this island is too fucking small to be so pathetic mistaken the understanding of the world and where to go in the future.


若是你隨意做個故事頭,要身邊的人接故事,有9成半超過10歲的人會選擇一樣的故事結尾,另外那半小成是社會化失敗的產物,多半他們會成會社會的廢渣,然後告訴你,讓你聽了拼命搖頭的故事尾巴. “不不不,公主是一定要跟英雄在一起的,不然公主要幹麻?”  “一定要有英雄,若是有兩個英雄,最終還是要分勝負” “一定有一個會變邪惡,因為得不到權利!! 或是根本就是文弱書生” “這個神聖的單一性是一定要掌握住,不然沒故事可說…..”



阿凡達號稱花了那麼大手筆,還真不該拍這麼老梗的故事.好逮裡面的地球人可以全部死光,或是學會臣服於其它民族的智慧,學會站在第二線跟人戰鬥,至少有點挑戰傳統. 所以即使大家好評不斷,說什麼很有環保意識,終究還是顧此失彼,故事內容太老套沒啥新意,要是一個地方的智慧那麼好學習與領會,要是自然是如此的簡單以至在星球遇到了人類破壞後可以消除內部歧見共同面對敵人,那我們現在的世界就不會那麼積極走向滅絕.



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