『00』the furthest distance is the nearest corner to home

These months I had been so low with my updates on blog and personal activity, I don´t even check this page myself anymore. But than I decided(like awalys) to get back in active with things online again. I will beging to write a serias of article about living in Europe as an Asian immigrante, as the problem for to live, to find a work or how to face the culture difference and how to overcome the difficulties. To be honest I haven’t overcome any of this difficulty with live,work and culture different so this writting will also be some sort of self-experienced medication, I hope this would also help and make some relativity to any immigrante who lives in similar situaion. But just in case this would bore you, I have to state all this experience would always relate to my personal political preference as an anarchist and as vegan and an addiction-free striaght edge life style.