[Racist in Sevilla] true experience

Well if you want me to name you some of the most racist/sexist things in sevilla, IF I TRY, I can give you about 100 in one min, IF I TRY!!, it isnt impossible. While some of the sevillian always said to me about how people “describinate” them when they are in the north. Well, I am really not making other people rightful if I say “what goes around comes around”, not necessary to believe the karma, but think about the same attitude, and what it might bring you back.

About an year ago, some people told me there is some free spanish class in a “social” place, where nearby the calle San Luis, I went by one day when there were a class, but I was late(I couldn’t be more sorry about it, but i wasn’t intend to interrupt anybody or the class, was just looking for somebody to ask for the informations). So, since I was there when the class was still on, I stayed for the last mins with the class without understanding much. Finally in the end the people talked about when is the “next class”. I went by again the next class, and the teacher told me before I could enter and sit down – it is better if I go to other class, the “beginner” one. I was fine with it, but I thought since I was there(30 mins of walking), I could just join them by listening, maybe? But the teacher told me to leave, I had to, so I left.

After that I started to go to this beginner class, and this teacher I met before started to give me very strange smile, like she didn’t want to smile to me but have to, but well, really it could be just my imiganation. I mean, why would a person who voluteer for immigrant being “special” to a immigrant? But for a few row of times I see her, she kept giving this face and tried to avoid to even say Hi to me, I thought that must be some sort of misunderstanding, but I am pretty sure I havent see her any other time in any other place to be able to have one “misunderstanding”.

One day, I met her in the street, this time the spanish class had stop for some time, i tried to be friendly and asked her the information, I started to speak very lousy spanish, and she didnt even try to understand, before I could finish a sentence, she keep telling me that “you cant speak spanish, and you dont speak spanish….” I think I know that perfectly well, but well I try to fix one setence, and eveutually I did too, I said that I was looking for the infos, and “obviously” she did understand it, and gave me the infos in a very awful way, like – just take this and leave me alone! After this experience with her, I imaged she had some problem with me, but it seems espeically she is attacking my ability to speak spanish “being a spanish teacher for the immigrante” it is “NOT” espeically weird??

I said this to a few people, and no body would believe anything I said, most of the people think i am being stupid and over-reacting, becuase most people always think its so aggresive if you say the people are being racist, its like accusing them too (espeically when sevillian people so into about making racist “freiendly” jokes). Until one day I went out with a friend, and we saw the social place was open, it was september 2009, and I thought well its about to start the class again, we went inside and there were her, she was in a class again(but normally there always have people, so we were just looking around for somebody there), we couldnt be more sorry, and I tried again to ask about the info, these time i try very hard to pick up all the words and I thought I made the stenece understandable, she looked to me with the face – what the fuck? and she said again something like ” you dont speak spanish!” (well, thank you very much for pointing that out, I didnt even notice, and now i feel so encouraged.) And she turned to my friend, said in a very quick sevilla way that “she know exactly when the class will be and where it will be! and we have to leave NOW.” My friend was confsued… “she didn’t know, and that’s why we came and asked about it.” Now she walked to us and kinda force us to go out of the door. she keep repeating to my friend “she knows!” And the world knows that I didn’t.

The story ends, all the things I gained was for one friend to believe me this really “happened” because he was there. When I talked about this experience again, some people still tell me to stop being sensitive, and finaly I never went back to this “social” place for spanish class.

One thing we should be aware of is, no body is really that GOD-GIVING “anti-destriminate”, I had met very facist people in anti-fracist group and i had met very sexist woman in the woman group, sexist gay/lesbian/queer too. Like alot of people’s fav quote to me “hilter was a vegetarian”, likewise, you can be in all that you want, and stay in all the activity you can, but that couldn’t make you anything, unless you are aware of it and unless you think it deeply and making it a life practice, or you are still going to be a racist/facist/sexist and brainless person.

The conflict

the part about myself

I lost so many things eversince I decided to come to spain. But if anyone can track back to the beginning, I can only have myself to blame, I used this oppotunities to try and to become one of this privillage european(I thought i can finally live out the difficulties of lower class struggle in my own birthland, but the life dig you out in all ways) . so I came, and finally I was part of the “wrong”.  I could play unguilty to all, becuase honestly I had hardly even giving any opinion to anything, most of the information I got was second-handed and one-side stories, some were intently made. While no one was once doubt about my position, I was being put into where (they think) I “should” be, where I didnt have choice to. I knew it was my fault, like what most people would and what some people said to me “it wasn’t my fault you dont understand anything!” and yes, I couldnt agree with you more on this.

So yes, I was and am still here, (hopefully not going to)  when some of them was and is happening, I can tell you now, most of the things I was really disagreed with but I couldnt react at the point becuase of not understanding it. But I am not making an excuse out of it, I will take the responsible like how I should. Nobody is really innocent in a war like this…..

So I am going to tell you what had happened….



They told us, we shouldn’t talk about the union outside of the union.

Well, they are wrong!

素(腦)肉 Seitan食譜

的確 這是一個殘忍的時代

素腦肉的作法(三中型肉球)相當簡單 除了煮的時間比較長外 一切都很容易

你需要的 :


gluten flour兩份(主要看你以甚麼作量杯 可以小杯子兩杯 或是兩個150克等)
兩小匙蒜粉(建議自已把蒜頭搗爛使用 氣味更重)
兩小匙薑 (其實所謂的小不小匙 多小多大都是看口味)
一份水或是高湯(可看情況加少加多 建議準備1.3分的水 看情況加入或是多加gluten flour混到一個地步)
3 大匙醬油

作法: 你必須要先把乾料與湯料分開混合 因為這個gluten flour是瘋狂的黏 若是沒有先混合好 湯料下去 已經難分難捨 你無法再混入其他得乾料 而且鹹度也不一阿

1. gluten flour+兩小匙蒜粉+兩小匙薑      |  一份水或是高湯+3 大匙醬油+半大匙麻油(可酌量加入一點醋)

2. 當兩個部份都均勻混合後把她們”黏”在一起  你必須一直用捏力(但不需像捏麵糰一般)把東西混好 很重要一點是 不需要太久 因為可能的情況是 你越捏煮起祺有可能太Q了 這樣嚼起來有點累(不過現在我還無法很確定 太Q的原因跟捏太久是不是有直接關係)

3.捏好你讓他放一下吧 (10分多鐘就ok)


需要準備 :

乾香菇幾朵(我發現這乾香菇進去煮如同滷味 有異曲同工之妙 之後拿來煮甚麼都夠味好吃 所以我從一開始放兩朵到現在放到五朵 愛不釋手)
3-4份水(最好可有高湯 但我都用清水)
1/4醬油 (基本上要更多一些 我想有十道塊一份)

湯水的重點只有兩個 就是要夠味 而且可淹肉球 若不行淹到的話 就是要記得每過一下都翻他一面讓他全面都都煮到


完成的素肉呢 必須要再烹調 可做漢堡肉 或是煮菜時切細條作素肉絲
之後的烹調注意一點 我們作的素肉原理是靠gluten flour的黏Q性 把味道在煮湯與調味時賦予給他 所以他本身是沒甚麼味的 就是若是你要把它當成水餃現的話有個問題 就是他在水煮的過程中味道會掉會變淡 這是不可忘的原則 之後的烹調要住要不可在清水中滾過久 不然吃起來就是個橡皮筋塊(過硬的時候) 要不然就像沒啥味得蒟蒻一樣唷


Dujonka是義大利跨國企業Serenissima Ristoraziones Spa旗下子公司之一,這家公司主要在西班牙南部的安達盧西亞州內的各城提供在學校、監獄等地方的餐飲外包服務,其涉略服務範圍廣大遍布各城,許多國中小學都是Dukonja的服務對象。但最近此公司頻頻傳來被要求解約的問題,馬拉加的六所小學與塞爾維亞的一所監獄解約之前還傳來許多的抗議言論。他們聲稱Dujonka的餐點水準低劣、不足果腹,小孩一回家就喊肚子餓,這讓父母們極度不滿。



有時,我想那一拳頭到底會是在那個時間點上落下,會落在誰的身上。究竟是否會落下,真的一切只是空雀來風的多慮嗎? 而之外,我們又看到一群受到政治正確的強破症患者抖動的敲打著鍵盤,謊言一般的詩句。我所能了解的事,你們那些豐富又無趣的一系列表情與字眼,而那深刻的劃破了過去所築起來的想像。既使我站在一場戰場上,都感覺像是被欺騙一般背著它人的武器犧牲在意識形態的亂像與黑暗角落的互鬥現場,現場沒有裁判沒有正義,我擁有的只有自己,我甚至不知是否能相信我的同伴們,有些人如同告密者與滲入者般一樣的搗亂會議行進,有時他們將錯誤輕置入人們的思想,而我無法辨別這是刻意,也或是他們在政治判別上的失誤。


但是有一另些人,看似充滿智慧的,自稱追尋的是一種平實的正義,他們自稱那是不分政治色彩的。一個平淡且近人性的單純。一種那裡有事做那裡去找事的大道理。他們所做的一切與那些似乎看起來極度充滿真理的政治彈性空間造成人許多人的錯亂,任何一件改革派的行為都會被某種時代性或是實際派的假道理包裝的無可挑替與極度的富有可接受性。這讓我極度倒胃,但是往往他們可以存在於一種更多變更具有包容性的多元色彩。這個人現在存在我們的身邊,而且存在於一個積極的行動者腳色。為什麼我們要聽取你的可毛派或可托派的政治分析呢 – 我經驗中這一貫的拖派技兩。