on the Earth Day (it was actually 4-19)

等我有空會寫一段關於台灣樂團和社會運動的文章( and then you can decided if this is political)


animal rights can be cool too!




white pride/killers

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Stop poisoning the kid!

agriculture en Taiwan II, Hope market(every second saturday)

(this article wont be objective, all my articles are based on the things that I understand with my own eyes, and this result coming from over night of discussions and what we think/talk about with friends. And one more thing, none of us have lived a farmer’s life, so we may be illusional)

The name of the Market is called Hope Market in english, just like former articles said it was formed in Sep 2006, consist of environmentalist, community organizer, and those who concerns of agriculture’s predicament. With this market, they gathered a couple of farmers, educationalist, people who cares about the land, and fair trade promoter, mainly the farmers we talked are small farmer. (couple days ago I remember seeing them promoting the “small is beautiful” idea on their website.) This market suppose to be like a co-op gathering, but it has not like those you see in western places, later I will describe the atmosphere for a bit. There are 3 elements within this market, first, they believe a better life consist of all people have the same purpose to work together, desire for a natural life, so they must learn/cooperate with each other. Second, to learn from the producer(farmer), and the producer to learn from the land/nature. Third, this market tends to bring the people together, with the producer and the consumers, a center for people to meet together. All three elements I think meet the general idea of a pro nature life ideology. And well to achieve a better life, the market bring in some concrete ideas, that’s why they have this market every month to bring people together, while they have lectures to improve the idea of eating the local food/in season produce. Also they have lecture to promote the “organic cultivation”, but this lecture is for the consumer/general public to experience the producer’s hard work.(very typically thing we do in Taiwan).

Agriculture en Taiwan

I have only a couple mins left before I start to prepare for me leaving to Tian Mu for another night of sticker bombing. I guess this probably to be very pointless for some of you, but to me, culture interruption is a very important tactic as part of my actions, it is a 2 second of mind storm, whatever you like it or not, believe it or not, it does attract some people’s eye and hence, where the seed plants, when someday the rebel comes, they will remember somewhere in their life there were beginnings they refused to see.

This article is base on the report of my visit to Thaizhong the past 2 days, friday night a friend and i met up, we discussed about the filming on Saturday morning of the Farm market, and late around 2am we hit the road of Thaizong, sticker bombing, i had wanted to do it for a long time and only had one chance to did it for about 5 stickers. The following pic is the dawn of  the stree of a big nightmarket of Thaizong, dont you think it is too crowded for a telegraph pole? 4 CCTV seems to be normal in London, but in Taiwan, this has to be new, but later on we saw 6 CCTV sets, so this consider to be left out of the TOP security area.

We didnt sleep the whole night, so obviously its a bad idea, that both of us seem to be very “slow thinking” and dumb the next morning, no fucking brilliant question was asked, and instant reaction seems to be out of the track with this freaking over nights exhaustion. Whatever, I hope you will bare with me with this nonsense post, it’s just the beginning anyway, I start my taiwan agriculture research now, and should be last for another 2 weeks, so i can make up a short film of a big picture of it, or maybe not so details and everything, but it should be a beginning of something.

Around 8am, we went back to my friend’s friends house to get our stuff and ready to hit the road again to the farm market, I didn’t have much time to read thro everything about this market, the past week had been busy doing another research for the cleaner in Shushin university, (check back for a later report of it) but thanks to the friend who had did much reading to help out this filming to be possible, basically we came up with a few thing that we want to ask. But maybe draw a vague picture of this market first, the market is formed by a bunch of people consist of environmentalist, community organizers and people who concerned of the agriculture issues in taiwan. They started in Oct of 2006,

(i have to start to prepare, so to be continued


To arrive the place, you need a car, most likely, that’s the answer we get from the people who lives in thaizong, it seems like everybody in Thaizhong rather have a car or they have motor bike. We dont have anything but 2 legs, and if it is a farming market consist of environmental issues and grassroots point of view, we will be able to get there with public transfer system and with our own 2 legs. The bus took us to a nearly by bus station, and 20 mins of walking.

ladies, ladies!!