果菜市場影展 – 少你一個都不行!

基本上,我本來希望這個影展可有多的單元,像是反戰(the blood bath in Gaza)還有佔屋等等,而Bbrother覺得應該要放Greece Riot,但是最後決定的是BBrother跟小哈覺得在菜市場裡撥放會有夠贊的動物權影片。動物解放那支也真的有夠勁爆的,包你目瞪口呆。



地點:龍泉菜市場 龍泉街



Huck Lin會講廢除工作,這篇他去年(2008)翻譯的小書,這文章是由惡名昭彰的Bob Black所寫的,基礎在於一個安那其(反權威)綠色概念。我也很期待Huck會講出什麼有趣的想法
Total Disruption(TD)的帥氣主唱廖伯先生,也會在中間做個小表演,唱唱台灣第一首所謂的反權威主義概念下寫出來的歌,這首歌和警察暴力、街頭、和2001年的義大利g8行動很有相關唷!若是大家喜歡聽的話,我還可講講G8的抗爭在日本跟德國還有義大利的不同點。試聽TD它的歌請來這邊,按我按我。  反權威的歌有兩個版,在他身上也可聽到唷,按我啦。


Good luck Comrades! 同志,祝你幸運 :這部是我最喜歡的香港積動行動者Fredie(領男)拍的,想必很多喜歡查巴達的人有看過他以前寫的部落格,沒錯!就是這傢伙,跑到墨西哥念過書的香港人。本片的續事方式相當故事性,本來大家都不知道G8到底在幹麻的,看了本片可能也還是不太清楚,但是這部片重點是帶出了場外的抗議人士的面目,讓我們去理解這些擴國的行動者到底在找尋什麼,想要破解什麼樣的資本主義邪惡集團運作,而我們是怎麼被阻擋在門外,我們是怎麼在這樣的情況下去思考「國際行動」。同時這部片好的地方是,對於海外運動總是有憧憬的台灣兄第子妹啊,讓我們從這部片瞥見日本運動的一嶼吧,包準值回票價。


★Public Blue – 他們說我們是遊民,我們住在公園,搭起藍色帳篷,在大阪這個城市裡,找尋自己的角落,自己的家。

★動物解放前線– 本片相當的簡短(20分鐘以內),內容沒有什麼說話跟說教,就是以畫面驚聳你,在菜市場內觀看,別有一翻風味就是了。主軸解釋了,為什麼動物解放前線會存在。

★消費的代價 (5mins)– 小短片,跟個麥當勞廣告差不多 。

★為什麼我喜歡在大商場偷東西 (5mins)– 小短片,跟個麥當勞廣告差不多 。

★加入我們的抵抗/沉醉在愛中(15mins)– 小品,優質,充滿愛意的城市野戰小品 。

★Your mommy kills animals這部片我之前做過介紹唷。 機本上就是講動物權的紀錄片,比較說教一點,所以會看情況撥放。(可能不撥)


 ★塗鴉電影– 拍攝手法很MTV/HBO ,一部主流電影講訴在美國塗鴉客的生命故事,包括街頭的險惡和兄弟情感等。


連絡人:小哈 0933635166







Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza, 26/12/08. Call for signatures and international support for the immediate end the bloodbath in Gaza

(Click on the picture to Sign)

To:  International Community MembersYesterday, the Israeli army carried out massive air strikes against the most densely populated area on the planet ?an area already suffering from a crippling two years siege the likes of which have not been witnessed since the Middle Ages.

Israeli F-16s slammed over a hundred tons of missiles into the 360 sq km Strip home to over 1.5 million people.

Today at least 278 have been reportedly killed, many of them civilians, and more than 1,000 have sustained heavy injuries. We expect the number to continue to rise throughout the day as more bodies are uncovered from the rubble, more casualties succumb to their wounds, and more bombs continue to fall.

These attacks have been the bloodiest in over 41 years of Israeli occupation.

The authors and underwrites of this petition hereby condemn:

1. The Israeli yth?of disengagement in Gaza and the ongoing siege of the Palestinian people.
The State of Israeli remains in control of the airspace, waterways, and borders of Gaza. They have prevented the entry of food, fuel, goods, medicines, medical supplies, humanitarian assistance and journalists. The lives of the people of Gaza has been made all but liveable for far too long.

2. Israel policy of collective punishment prohibited by international law.
Yesterday attacks were not a matter of Israeli self-defence or a war against Hamas, but rather a war conducted on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

3. The ruthless targeting of civilians.
Yesterday Israel targeted hospitals, Mosques and jails. Furthermore, considering the physical nature of the Gaza Strip and the incredible density of 4,117 persons per square kilometres, it is impossible for the Israeli Air Forces to hit only the so-called ecurity targets?

4. The disproportionate use of force.

In regards of those facts, we call the State of Israel to:

1. End the violence and the aggressions against the Palestinian population immediately;

2. End the siege on Gaza and return to a negotiated ceasefire;

3. Take immediate steps to end the 41 year old Israeli occupation, and implement the Arab peace initiative.

Furthermore, we call on the International Community to:

1. Urgently pressure their governments to condemn the attack and to intervene: politically, economically against Israel, and to pressure them to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention regulating the behaviour of the occupying power.

2. Urgently pressure the International governments to end the war crimes in Gaza and to investigate, condemn and punish those responsible.


Stop the Bombs

we prefer food, books, toys and flowers


600勞工群聚勞委會抗議無薪假 勞團:小年夜至總統府圍爐

In the morning of 23rd Dec, outside the Council of Labor Affairs(CLA) square, there were around 600 workers gather togethere protest for the “unpaid leave”. From the flyer the unions gave out on the protest, it explained many cases about recent “illegal” massive scale lay offs and many of the unpaid leave case happening to the workers of taiwan nowadays.

the unions memeber’s preparing

In fact, within Chimei Optoelectronics in Taiwan, the world’s 4th largest LCD manufacturer, laid off 3100 temporary employees, on 16th ..he employees received a sms on their cellphone claimed they have lost their job. While chinese new year is coming close, many people worried how they ganna survived thro this winter time.

the solidarity organizer speaking on the “Car”

The Solidarity union came to CLA on 23rd Dec, and brought up 4 statement: First, the CLA must formally announced the illegalize of “unpaid leave”. The union organizer explained unpaid leave was a tactic to slow down/veli the fact of possible dramatic increasing umemployment. While the emploer and the government convinced the workers if they dont accept unpaid leave they will very much likely to face lay off in near future under this economic recession. But by labor standards laws, the company can only give advnaced announcement of massive scale lay off under a serial of effective deficit, and unpaid leave is another way of “salary cuts” that’s also against the law. While it could effect their redundancy pay in the future, and reduce their labor and health insurance. Secondly, if the unpaid leave must enforced, it has to be in a formal interpretation of labor regulations, to enforce the rule and restrict the abuse of the employeer. And any agreements must based on bilateral consaltation. Third, The 3 support policy “government support the bank, bank support the enterprise, the enterprise support the labors” is not really helping the labors, instead of that, the CLA should start a “labor supporting fund” to help the labor directly when they are facing short on salaries and countless unpaid leaves. Forth, stop importing new migrant workers and help the native unemployment entering new jobs.

The protest continued for 2 hours without any response from CLA, so the workers gathered around 50 people decided if the CLA continued to ignore their demands, they will break into the CLA’s gate where around 200 polices had already block the entrance.

the line between the labors and the police, before the break in

Around 12pm, the officer from CLA finally came out and responsed to the solidarity unions’ 4 statement by saying that, they are not able to giving promise until they make further consultations and researchs. But they agree unpaid leaves should be excluded from the labor and health’s insurance. They union broke 4 piece of big glasses that displayed the 4 statements, represented their dissatisfaction for this invalid response from CLA.

in front of the CLA

By the end, the union organizers calling for a bigger action in the nearly future “we will return!!” The unions organizers Ma said they expected more illegal lay offs at massive scale will happen before chinese new year, “more workers will come and stand with us” and next time they will mobilize more unemployed worker to join for a bigger protest right in front of the presidential palace.

After the break in, the CLA closed the roll-up door.


在現場所散發的新聞稿中,四大頁滿滿說著工人們的訴求與整個台灣正在發生的「資方違法」案例。盛華科技在12月18日聲稱11月下降20%的營收而裁員,明顯違反勞基法;美商 AIG早在11月底就無預警資遣417名內勤人員,同時要求資遣員工在當天4點前辦理交接後離開,還要求簽下承諾書保證離職後不可對公司主管、管理人員提出任何訴訟。工會幹部在主持車上指證歷歷,眾多案例從南到北正發生台灣的工人身上。



直到將近12 點多,勞委會技監林政育由警察的「保護下」走出勞委會,面對工人們的陳情。對於以上四大訴求,林政育回應「無薪假」期間將不記入年資計算,也將排除在勞保之外,而政府方面將與各直轄市研商「無薪假」通報機制;對於成立勞工紓困基金與暫引外勞的部分,林政育表示勞委會將做檢討、再行研議。對於此回應,團結工聯表示憤怒,在勞委會前摔下寫著四大訴求的玻璃版。對於已經面臨生活困境的勞工們,勞委會至今仍無任何具體回應,毛振飛表示「下波行動,我們將在小年夜到總統府前圍爐!」

anarch@ Madrid

best of all years, hopefully i will see this soon in madrid!

Si nosotros rompemos los bancos es porque hemos reconocido
al dinero como causa central de todas nuestras desgracias,
si rompemos los escaparates no es porque la vida sea cara,
si no porque la mercancia nos impide vivir a cualquier precio.
Si rompemos las maquinas no es porque queramos defender el empleo,
si no atacar la esclavitud,
si nosotros atacamos a la jodida policia no es para hacer salir de los barrios,
si no para hacerla salir de nuestra vida.
El espectáculo ha querido vernos temibles,
nosotros sabemos que somos peores.
Levanto mi mano como si fuera una pistola,
porque cualquier día de estos cojo una y traigo cola,
tenemos el valor y la conviccion,el alma cansada,
tenemos la Rash como Keny Arcana.
La calle es nuestra,
no tenemos techo ni para dormir ni para estar de fiesta,
no queréis que os echen a las 12 de las salas,
formad bandas,ocupad casas.
Hagamos de ellas espacios para conspirar contra los que nos oprimen,
busquemos caminos para derribar las leyes que nos reprimen,
que en el estado espaA±ol se tortura,no es ninguna tontería,
joder,ok,me cago en la policia.
Lo se,es típico pero cierto,mas la unión hace la fuerza,
somos miles en las calles explotados de dentro y de fuera,
podríamos cambiar nuestra vida y nuestro entorao,es mas,
juntos somos mas,es masjuntos somos la revuelta.
Políticos de mierda que se ríen de nosotros,
miran por nuestro interes,se creen que somos estupidos bastardos asquerosos,
un dia nos hartamos y mandamos todo a tomar viento,
que trabaje el seÁ±or Acebes cavando zanjas en el desierto.
Lo siento,diciendo y no miento diciendo que en esto del político apesto,
sus pestos,aumento del gesto,me siento en mi puesto
y abono mi tiesto chupando del resto
pero presiento que cientos de pies todos dispuestos,acabaremos con estos molestos.
Y sera en la calle,
que todo estalle,que nadie calle,que griten los maricones,las putas,
los rojos,los ilegales,los precarios,los sin techo sin derecho,los don nadie,
que griten como nunca han gritado los marginales.
Quedamos todos y nuestra lucha es corazón,
que el puÁ±o en alto significa rebelión,
que si gritamos es pa saber que estamos vivos,
si grito fuerte es por ti,por mi,por todos.

grafitti near the greek parliament: “happy riot year 2009”

Taiwan anachist? An open statement to Bebop the multitude

各位無政府的同志與搞運動的朋友們,近期台灣出現一個自稱”無政府/反權威”者bebop the multitude,活動在社會運動(包括日台,尚無法確定)之間,此人對無政府主義的理念模型純有很深的誤解,最近甚至在寄發信件時,以無政府/反權威主義者自稱,公開募款,此募款行動是為其個人的募款行為,不應以無政府主義者的形象做包裝渲染,此舉絕非無政府/反權威主義者的運動模式,特發此聲明以示陳清。

Dear comrades and activists friends, recently there is a man who claim himself to be an anarchist – “bebop the multitude“, he is been active between the social movements in both taiwan and japan. However, he has completely no understanding of what anarchism/anti authority is, and recently he has been sending mails to activist/people claim himself to be anarchist and ask for donations for his daily expense. To use anarchism as one of the target advertising for donation is not really a “method” in anarchist movement (its true, we dont say, i am an anarchist, so give me money to drive my cars to a protest venue!). This open statement intend to clarify such activity is beyond what anarchism is about.