3.28 resession

In Utrera, there were a big traditional party for this economic resession global day of action.

if this is everything of the city, this is what i am looking for to settle the rest of my life….. (the sky and the emptiness)

the CNT party with the working class people!

And of course, babies, babies, the lovely ladies!

look at these colorful dress! and this lady is sure very beautiful and she asked for the picutre…

everybody here can dance…

Solidarity with Tristan Anderson!!!

Spain in Action II

Moving means you have to start everything from zero again, you have to start your own activities, you have to learn the language and you have to make new friends, find your own spot, get down on it and make changes, as wherever you were before.

Andalusia is a difficult place to start something with, they speak spanish but andalusian spanish, not like any others, they generally have an attitude all over you, there’s wrong and right exist in their dinning table(well in all spain they have), you are suppose to eat things the way they agree with. There’s also serials of rules by making the actions, but well, it is like any other place, people expect you to do things as how they are used to, having trouble to convert yourself to the society? well, its not anybody else’s problem.

how can Spain be in action, as how i can explain.

Its the same thing with anarchist/punk all around the world, as my lovely comrade ucok from indonesia commented : they dont read.

It is hard to have a decent conversation with people, if they dont know how and what to critizie the capitalism and the economic crisis, the class struggle, becuase most of people are confused as hell, they know it is wrong, but they dont know why and how exactly it is wrong when you ask their opnions on something, i argued, if you dont know why and how it is wrong, how can you 100% sure it is really wrong and need to be abolished. Thinking about the neo-liberilism economic system, it is a no-rules system, the only rules is to  break all-rules, so everybody have freedom over on how the way they want to intervent their business to one place, one country, without any certain regulation for any matters. What is economy? What is the different from a capitalist economy, communist economy and socialist economy, participating economy? Can any body give an explaination, and what is the economic system ganna exist and work in anarchism?

Why are we talking about economy, we are anarchist!

Well, knowing people are dying is not enough, you have to know exactly how they are dying, so you can not only stop them from dying at this moment, but to be sure it doesnt happen again.

I was just as surprised when the first time i came here, to realize in the union they dont have the language and discussion about the workers taking over the factories. When I was discussing about my study in Spain with my lefty professors, he laugh and said to me “Em, union is union, what do you expect from an anarcho- syndiciliast union? they are just unions” Well, I understand what a union takes, but i also have expection the way how they think/organize things would be different, more radical, more revolutionary. But in a way, if you want to touch down on the base, you always have to come to the way as what all other union does, but. Let me just have another but.

Shouldn’t we be more radical, okupied the factories, open the doors, the legal process is taking all our engergies and is not giving as anything back as return. we already knew they are ganna side with the bosses, and they do as usual. So what next? And if really, this is what it takes, should we put more study on the legal situation, faciliating our limites to make it reasonable for us to live?

Not likely of course, for example, I had been living in this for squat for almost 2 months, most of the pople dont really have an idea of the legal position we are at as squatters, how is the possibility we can delay, reject the eviction? No body is sure, around 8 tenants participating the housing struggle in our buildings, alone with the squatters, Just to know this building is possibility 2 or 4 gates with each floor 4 houses and possiblly 5 floors in each building, to assume it has roughly 32 houses in this buildings and only 1/3 of the people care about what is going on, and we have totally no idea what other people thinks scares me, confused me. Do we want the revolution how we want, or do we want a revolution that everybody wants? In here, everyday the idea conflicts to each other, majorities and minorities, voting, consesusms? When you can really do it, you are not making it the most as you can….

reality? well, things are different….

Its true, when you have the possiblity to bring a revolution on friday night, you prefer to just hang out with friends in a bar. well, i mean, come on, its friday night.

In anarchism alot people tend to be ‘too serious’ for others, and alot of them tend to be too ‘militant’ for others. there’s a few explination. The people who are too serious are rather they are being too “dogmatic” they can not think any better than the so called anarachist priciples, you ought to do things alot of ways to prevent yourselves to trap yourself again in this fascist curse, but while when you are trying everything hard to prevent it, you are making yourself another centralized orders with rules. Anarchism should be an open idea, not a close one, or we will all end up like another Leninist. We should be serious about what we do, but serious about what we are doing too!
For the too militant people, who always think everything is a battle, to crash down the cars, banks, everything the police do rages them, everything the rich do rages them, the only way to make anarchy is to kill everybody who is not anarchist, and they dont care what it takes, even when sometimes they have to kill other anarchist who have sympathic to human beings, kill kill kill! I saw/met alot of them in black block, sometimes it really annoyed me, when they were drunk while crashing the cars.

so, be serious, be militnat. but not be a dummie……

After all, it still takes everybody to be serious enough about their life, rather is a choice between the friday night bars/revolution, it is everything in what we can do, living in a capitalism world sometimes makes us too comfortable, they forgot why our flag is black and red. And they think if you say “i know” is everything, but ” i know and i act” is the real things.


if you can liberate the human, while you are exploited everything else… I mean, what is this all about? 100 ago some people really believe the black people arent humans like the whites, and even at the time, you think they had no right to exploited them?






自2007年春天一連串的監獄暴動之後,Chania監獄這次的行動是新一起的監獄暴動事件(爭對無政府主義Dimitrakis受到暴力毆打的後續行動) 。在Chania監獄裡關有157名囚犯,而監獄中只能放置70至108張床位,這樣不對稱的結果造成每個牢房必須要塞上10個囚犯,每57名囚犯只能共用一個廁所。希臘政府要求這些人停止暴動並回到自己的牢房中,同時向他們保證一個星期後將會帶來一個新的方案解決這個問題。犯人拒絕接受這個提案,他們已經就這次行動組成一個臨時議會,所有的決策都將透過共識決在議會上與所有人共同決定。








[CNT]Adra Manifestacion Feb 28

在艾德拉的花草環境整理工作部分門在最近發生了近半數工人遭解雇的問題,據我們了解,這也是一起打壓工會的事件。在西班牙的政府部門的外包工作與大學校園,存在一個外包的工作規範,當外包公司退出契約時,下一個公司(也可能交還學校或是政府)必須與同樣的工人再次簽約,人數與工作上不該有任何改變,但在艾德拉,事情很不一樣。上一個花草環境外包公司在上個月退出契約後由艾德拉地方政府接手契約後,隨及辭退了大半數的工人,市長表示在花草環境工作上並不需要這麼多的工人,工人們對此有所不同意見,第一,過去之所以聘請了這樣的人數,是因為在工作上本來就有所需要。第二,這些被辭退的人都是當地 CNT工會的會員,過去他們在工人運動上多有動作,這可能都是真正遭致工人辭退的原因 。
現在艾德拉的工人們正在抗爭,爭取他們自己的權利,也希望各地的同志們能夠給與在西班 牙安達盧西亞這個小城市一點關注,經濟危機正在發生的同時,我們必須要團結所有的工人 ,別讓我們成為資本主義失敗的犧牲者。

[Animal rights]Against Whale Sharks in Captivity

新加坡的Resorts World為了找新噱頭來吸引遊客,意圖引進鯊於來做為新鮮焦點,但對鯊魚來說,這只是一個嚴酷的牢獄之災。


Resorts World at Sentosa wants to import whale sharks for the attraction and entertainment of visitors. Whale sharks are vulnerable to extinction and have never done well in captivity. They can grow as large as two city buses, migrate thousands of kilometers in the wild, and live up to a hundred years. It is just plain cruel to keep them in glass cages.

Whale sharks have never fared well in captivity. Two whale sharks died within five months of each other at the Georgia Aquarium.

Write to the Minister of National Development, the Singapore Tourism Board and
Resorts World at Sentosa before this tragedy happens on our shores.

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Sign the petition at http://www.whalesharkpetition.com/

Sevilla – Sin Nombre

I start to take photos again as how I pleased.

The side shot of our Center social Okupa in Sevilla – Sin Nombre(without name)
3/21 is our day of reparing the house, I didnt really help anything instead of just help a bit of cooking and take photos

4 years!

people clime up to the roof to make some hard work

the cooking team(not really) but good food, nice lady!

look out from cos, the street