good song for holiday season : thank you slave

singapore human rights update and taiwan labor rights

1230 actions of the labors in taipei, singapore human rights activist statement for 5 days fast

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83A and blacken all words

new update to both pages, People!! read some interesting things!!

83a catalog I

Blacken All words collective (so far these parts are translated by willy)
(by the way, earth calling Willy! where are you now? please dont tell me they imprison you in Chinmen)

nothing diary

我這一輩子還沒參加過什麼同學會 讀書的日子一向都不順利 感覺從來沒有當過學生

自從歐洲到現在又快半年了 我的畫筆消失了好幾隻 直到今天才找到



Why Eye Aye? 真他媽的了不起


underline attack

I have a plan

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