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Meeting Sison

I had read a bit of ¨philippines econimy and politics¨chinese translation by friends from spp. sison wrote this book with his wife when he was in prison from the (70´s? – sorry dont remember).. To me Sison could be a legent, becuase he seems to be so far away, and for the things he did. of course i dont believe in hero-worshiping, but for what i am saying is, he just seems to be distant from the real world, someone you dont think you will ever see or ´hang out´ with in your life time. At least, not with me, espeically when i am not even a maoist. Surprisly, after  I changed my palns in amsterdam a several times, i finally get to meet prof. Sison, I missed the AGA, but then i have go to meet Sison. Just like what my spanish friend Adri said, shen I asked him what´s the most fmaous/important thing to see in Berlin, he said ¨Kopi¨istead of saying ¨the wall¨. oh this is just stupid question if you ask an anarhicst. as a fucking punk/anarchist, what can be more important than Kopi in berlin? So to me the most important thing/person to meet in Netherlands is Prof. Sison. So here i am, monday afternoon, i am sitting with Porf.Sison in the office. the same evening when a filipino activist friends asked me ¨what did you do with Joma? did you interview him?¨¨No¨I shaked my head, before i had so many questions, but when the time i met prof. Sison, I cant just being a completly serious and stop to shotting my questions like crazy, instead of that, i want to sit with this man, that, talk about things, hanging out with him. He is a nice man, a gental man, not a hero that you cant reach your hand to, but everybody´s comrade! after I told him about my conflicsts wit the maosist in taiwan, he gave me 4 books of Lenin´s and told me ¨start to read this, next time you meet a maoist, you ask them questions, get them down¨we laugh, i am no anarchist, no maosist, while hanging out with Prof. Sison and the activist from the philippines, we are only people, friends and family!

I chat with Prof. Sison for about 1 hour and 20 mins, I asked him about the situation with the anarchist & the maoist in the philppines and then Sison decided to take a walk with me to an old/ex squat house, to meet some änarchist friends of his. ¨do you guys have a lot of troyskiits¨Prof Sison asked me. ÿeah I think we have some¨¨we dont like them!¨¨Me neither¨and we laugh, ¨but most of time the troyskits work with anarchist, no?¨

after one more hour of chat, Prof. Sison had to start with his peace meeting with a group of activist coming from the philippines. a filipino acitivst invited me to hae dinner with his family, the only request is i have to cook for 7 people. I went, and against me the most incredible people in my life.

fankfurt anarchist

when i tried to visit FAU, there were never there. this makes me wonder if this org is acutally runnig or what?

dont even mention about the infoshop in frankfurt, it only opens on the weekends. and the founder of the infoshop frankfurt is actuallz a stalist, isnät this funny? this must be the funniest thing i ever heard.
i met this guz in the infoshop café in frankfurt and leave with him to rostock. 2 hours later, i realized this guy is a party animal, he smoke a lot of pot, put up fire, destroy thing, and when i asked him, `what can all this damage do to change to the world´ he told me this is just had to be done, so i said `anarchist wear nike shirt, and put on fires? i dont understand this logical, how does it work´then he said `when i was 7 years old, an old anarchist put on a fire in the trashcan in front of me to train me, and then i stop buying nike shoes´ this is such a lie, coz the daz before he was buying stuffs from burger king. I stood there, somethig told me, anarchist doesnt exist in frankfurt, thez just thought they are aarchist, but besides a bunch of people who fights the so called facist, i dont much consider this too anarachy. but i will just say i hung out with the wrog guy, this case i dot see the real frankfurt anarchist scene. altho in the g8 protest i met more worse anarchist, that makes me wonder about the future for anarchist.

sundaz when i met a friend from another part of germanz anarchist scene, we discussed about this problem, he is been in the scene for 20 years or somethig now, he said about 10 years ago the scene started to chaged, he was at the frankfurt infoshop 10 years ago when things just started for a while, people were more motivated/organized/united back then with a much better sense. nowadays anarchist has just forgot its roots and the original idea from the beginning, while when some of the anarchist adopted communist/stalist theory within. but of course there´s still alot of anarchist keep the old tradition in this internatioal solidarity. such as him, me, the frieds in berlin, spain, japan, korea, greece, italy… with this strong of network, i hope things chage again.

and i totallz forgot to metio about the au squat in frankfurt, its much a gather place, but it was ok, i took a lot of interestig photos, will post it up a bit later when i have the access to my camera.

otherwise, i am more likely not going to take my camera with me tonight to the protest agaist g8 i berlin, i want to be able to be in the actio.

talk to Em

anyone who wants to talk to me, the onlz possibility is google talk, somehow msn doesnt reallz work here and its too much trouble to use it.

good bye g8

i left rostock on 7th June when there supposed to have some more action. i had to go, the sun in rostock is killing me, i dont just have my face looking like a sun burn apple, i am also havin this serious pain from it.

what do you expect me to do? stay i rostock and take all these shits from the so´called anarchist and take a bunch of photos of people throwig stones and setting up fire just to entertain you? i´m sorrz, i am not in the mood, and if this is what you are expected from a new world, the ´different world is possible´ then you are looking in the wrong direction.

after stazing a couple days in camp, (sorrz i caät spell the name, but its the nearest to the fens) I started to realiyed that anarchist these days aint like what it was 10 years ago, they spend too much time put on a fire on the street than to talk about the possibilitz of makig a real difference and actuallz put thigs in actios. i see people wearing nofx t shirt ad anarchist sign together, i see anarchist flag tight up with communist flag, the funiest part is to see somebodz drinking coca cola on a ´critical capitalist theorz`meeting with a bunch of antifa kids (antifa=anti facistish), anarchist does become much more a fashion/slogan to people. it has lost its soul in europe. but maybe i am wrong, maybe this is only the part i see.

on my way leave to berlin yesterday night, i met 2 anarchist from japan, who is a lecture in universitz and another one is a writer, they told me there´s about 8-9 anarchist from japan came to the g8 protest, while there are about 150 anarchist in japan.  `next year the protest will be in g8´ they looked me and say, `yes yes, i will go´.  `good good, how many anarchist is there in taiwan?´ `3 i think´ then we started to laugh, `so all 3 anarchist will come to the protest?´  (laugters) `i hope so´. we said good bye at the station, thez are leavig to paris to check out the scene. the whole time we were exchage informatio about the anarchist i asian, do you know XXX? oh yeah, i know that guy, really? what about this guy in XXX,  yeah, i met him once, on way, is he aarchist? sort of ….. and in the end i told these guys i will be visiting them earlier next year, and we would probablz try to organize something together. even tho the anarchist scene is alwazs small in asia, i think somehow we keep the sipirt pure, and we will bring this to everywhere in the world, international solidarity, isn´t this what it is all about?


somebody must cursed me reallz haard, thatäs why i am sitting in the room cross the street to yellowdog records, and havig a really bad sun burn on my face.



i looked pretty much like those 109 girl from japan with sun burn, thak you very much!!! argh