Animal testing (1)


有些人覺得當提到女人時 使用胸部大不大 身材好不好 這算是物化女性 因為完全沒談到本質

有些人覺得 當一個女人開使化妝 不穿的拉拉塌塌 或試圖蓋去自己性別上的差異 算是女人對自我的物化

G8 (1)

雖然我沒在TAG 不過卻覺得超級想要
去德國的時後 應該批一堆回來賣!


right, he is been a sxe for 2 years, and both of them are probably under the age 21
we will see if they are still sxe after 21.  (remember in 80’s and early 90’s everybody was sxe for a few years until they turn 21)

sticker maniac

I am going to G8!