[Spain] Mobilizing to fight the justice for workers in Grupo Prasur!

Infoshop news

80 workers from Grupo Prasur in Utrera Sevilla had not get paid for the
past 3 months, and the company had announced for its bad economic
situation to be likely to be close in the near future, it seems like the
workers is going to face double crisis in this very economic time. CNT in
Utrera is now helping the workers to organize to demand for their rights
in this struggle.

On saturday afternoon around hundreds of people marched in the street of
Utrera, a village around Sevilla Spain with 50,000 habitant. They are
demanding the rights for the workers of Grupo Prasur in the recent labour
disputes. In the past year, with many lay offs the number of the worker in
Grupo Prasur reduced to 80 from the original 300. And the company is
claiming they are facing bankrupt in this economic crisis.

But with many evidence showed that the past years Grupo Prasur was making
a fortune in the business, while they also profit by hiring workers under
age of 21 or over 50 to get the subsidy from the government.

While during this struggle, 50 workers had signed for demanding a new
election for its original company Committee UGT, and during this
transition period CNT will be taking the turn to negotiate with the owner
of Grupo Parsur to insure the justice for all workers and defend the
rights to keep their jobs.

on the board of the girl says (front)"i am scared of the situation in my
house" (back)"pay my father". The daughter of the owner of Grupo Prasur
said she was scared becuase of the mobilization the workers brought in
recent days, but what was more scary is the facts many of the workers had
not got payment in the past 3 months


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