Invitation to new asian anarchist network

Friends, you might receive a facebook message from me to a new list of asian anarchist, this is not virus, because i am closing my account, please send me your email i will send more infos and we will start another riseup account for that. thanx



  1. with pleasure!

  2. I’m interested in getting more infos

  3. I wish I can make some real radical-leftist friends among China or Hongkong.These years I am very interested in Hongkong politics especially I knew you held a workplace 3 years ago in there with foreign anarchist for sharing their struggle experience,though I miss it all at last.

    I leave a comment here for I want to make someone friend in Hongkong at 1/1/2017 during the anti-DQ movement,though it isn’t relevant to the real useful work within an anarchist idea.

    The link of riseup maill now are seems can’t be open.I want to re-gain a mail whose mail-name are calling xv 雯.though I hadn’t met He/She before.

    Well,Though I go Hongkong every year but,a person surround in the mass are so alone,what I can do is only this now (with helpless knowledge about social struggle).Lastly I am glad to take part in any activity if you come to China or Hongkong again.

    My mail is,glad to wait for the repeat.

    Lelf-retard and strange friend

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