[CNT Valencia]瓦倫西亞好好吃披薩爭議案 Conflicto pizzeria ñam ñam

好好吃披薩(pizzeria ñam ñam)是一家位於西班牙東部都市瓦倫西亞的一家地方披薩餐廳。他在最近開除了兩位女性員工。餐廳還拖欠其中一個員工一個月的薪資。



The Pizzeria ñam ñam have fired 2 members of CNT Valencia recently, to one of the worker the company still owed her a month of salary.

The working condition in Pizzeria ñam ñam is seriously condemned, they are not only hire worker without contract, even when they contract worker they intent to only offer a temporary contract to reduce the cost and avoid the legal (basic) right they need to offer to the workers. The worker are asked to work 10 horas continually with no break time, if the worker complain about it they would get fired. And as the result that most of the worker work without contract, they couldn’t file any complain to the legal institution for their illegal working condition. The story doesn’t just stop here, the company also occasionally behind their payments.

When two members of Valencia CNT demanded for their basic right in the work place, the company response simply with “dismissal”. On 17 January Valencia CNT came to the door of the Pizzeria, they distributed 500 flyer in half hour, the picket was well received by the passenger and the customer. While on this same day the struggle of the Gamonal was still undergoing, when the union protest in the street they also gave their solidarity to the people in Gamonal, they shouted out “here and Gamonal, we fight till the end”. The people were showing alot of solidarity for not consume in the Pizzeria or showing their concern about the conflict.


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