On 18 of Jan, group of union member of CNT Tarragona came to Ramón y Cajal street in Tarragona to protest against Geneve Cake shop.

A union member who have recently fired by the company for “decreasing revenue”. What really happened was that the worker had filed a few complains against the cake shop before to the Labor and Health Inspector and it successfully got the company fined for these complains, so the company fired him as a ravage. The complains he made was first about health and hygiene concerns, the shop floor should forbid to smoke, and secondary it was about the respect to the work contract. The workers have constantly worked extra hours without payment and the register hours to the security social didn’t match to the real working hours, a part of the hours were paid illegally, and the payment have always been paid behind.

After the labor laws reform, the company has their ease to fire workers with both hand clean. For this CNT tarragona is in the street to show solidarity with the worker, we must not be defeated easily. They demand an immediate reinstatement to the worker.  On 18 of Jan they distributed 600 flyer in a relative short time, most passenger have showed their concerns to the conflict and their solidarity to boycott the shop.

一月18日塔拉格納全勞聯的會員們來到位於Ramón y Cajal的街上抗議Geneve蛋糕店。爭議案起因於蛋糕店一起不正當開除事件,一名全勞聯的會員在Geneve蛋糕店內工作,並與店家有幾起訴訟案件。工人多次提報衛生與工作檢查告發店家的衛生(烹調間抽菸)與工作實際內容與契約不符。為此店家以「公司營收減少」的原因開除了工會會員。



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