a kid was asking me if i want to help to host a chinese webpage of an existing news page on facebook, and I said i would consider about it.  And then I thought today it is not a bad idea if I begin to run a very short anarchist news page in chinese, i had been translating some things over there and here, and these works didnt seem to be effective. so maybe i should try alot more different ways to get the things heard. I will post the link up sometimes later…. maybe i will start another wordpress page and a fanpage on fb(sounds so lame. and i did try to make a virtual infoshop some years ago that didnt work too).



  1. I was looking into the availability of anarchist texts in Chinese but I could not find much here (TW). While there are many reasons why the libertarian left is dead here, there is not many places one can go for even a simple introduction, unless you are privileged enough to have access to university or research institution libraries (and even then it is limited and narrow – a translation of Kropotkin or something or something by a Chinese intellectual historian on the late Qing). I thought about doing something about it, but I could not find anyone interested. If you do start something, I would be very interested.

  2. I had been doing different things already, the part for the anarchist news you can see them list on the right of the page now. if you are in Taiwan I can meet up with you one day to speak about the possibility of some coorprative work in the future. But I am leaving to Europe soon, so … Also I will be doing another writing about anarchist with other people in the coming future too, so there is a lot of work, either we find a way to work together or we work separatively, but don’t be hesitant.

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