another black star falls

well the things is, i havent been update anything for sometimes, so it became so difficult to write, and it’s also because I havent been doing much too. But this doesn’t stop the world from running around.

About 2 days ago a comrade I used to know passed away, I haven’t been able to see her yet since I came back to Sevilla, because I haven’t been back to the union and group meetings. She had cancer for some years, I remember the first time I saw her, she was like this little lady looking smart and tough from outside, and once she speaks you see this passion came out all of her. I  don’t know her that well, but she is like somebody you can give your trust to, firm in her work and words. In the last time when I was still in Sevilla 8 months ago, she was being sick most of the time, last primero de mayo she was experiencing chemotherapy and couldn’t join us in the day activity. And after I over heard times after time she wasn’t well, I was pretty inattentive for the last time too, I didn’t even think about going to see her in her house, I just always thought she would be back someday soon in the meeting, while during this time I still can hear from time to time about her opinion on things that she passed on to other comrade.

so we lost her, we did in reality, but not in the idea. The way she fights against the system and how un-compromise of her attitude when she speaks about injustice, and all those desire for to act and changes. This idea of her would never die, it goes with us in the memory of her and within our actions everyday. Every time a person like this went away from us, its part of them go inside us, that keeps us walking toward a future that we all desire of.


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