The conflict

the part about myself

I lost so many things eversince I decided to come to spain. But if anyone can track back to the beginning, I can only have myself to blame, I used this oppotunities to try and to become one of this privillage european(I thought i can finally live out the difficulties of lower class struggle in my own birthland, but the life dig you out in all ways) . so I came, and finally I was part of the “wrong”.  I could play unguilty to all, becuase honestly I had hardly even giving any opinion to anything, most of the information I got was second-handed and one-side stories, some were intently made. While no one was once doubt about my position, I was being put into where (they think) I “should” be, where I didnt have choice to. I knew it was my fault, like what most people would and what some people said to me “it wasn’t my fault you dont understand anything!” and yes, I couldnt agree with you more on this.

So yes, I was and am still here, (hopefully not going to)  when some of them was and is happening, I can tell you now, most of the things I was really disagreed with but I couldnt react at the point becuase of not understanding it. But I am not making an excuse out of it, I will take the responsible like how I should. Nobody is really innocent in a war like this…..

So I am going to tell you what had happened….



They told us, we shouldn’t talk about the union outside of the union.

Well, they are wrong!


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