Conflicto Dujonka (La Única)

Dujonka is a subsidiary company of an Italian multi-cop called Serenissima Ristorazione Spa., its a company provides food service in school, prison and different events. Recently Dujonka Sevilla dismissed some workers in an elementary school El Manantial in Bormujos (Andalusia) because the workers made a complain about the poor quality and quantity food service for the children, and the bad work conditions.

The work conditions was bad : The workers are the monitor for the children during the lunch time, their job is to distribute the food to the kids and make sure they finish their food. But there were too many children for one worker to take care of, imaging one worker with dozens of children, it isn’t only impossible for the workers to do such job, it wasn’t fair to the children as well; another problem is the food, each children had only received half bread/fruit, sometimes the kids went home hungrily, also sometimes the food wasn’t cooked so well. In some school in Malaga the parents complained the food was over cooked, it was dry, tasteless and sometimes even mixed with plastic wrapper. Recently 6 schools in Malaga and one prison in Sevilla terminated its contract with Dujonka for the bad quality and quantity of the food.

The workers that dismissed by Dojunka are the members of CNT Camas, they had been concerned about the children and facing the violation of their work conditions, they were paid less than the legal standard, and have overload numbers of children to take care of, when they speak to the parents about the food, the company fired them.

In the last concentration the workers and CNT Camas had collected more than 50 signature of the support of the parents. They are hoping to defend the worker’s right while they don’t forget the health of the children is also important.


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