History repeating

Recently I read on WSM´s page says that

The syndicalist movement, organised in the International Workers Association and outside it, refuses to admit the CNT was wrong to “postpone” the revolution and enter the government.

I wonder how true this is. Coz I had never read this other place before.

However the recent internal conflict of andalusia brings me to the idea of how CNT failed to prevent its mistake from joining the gov in the 30´s wasnt really a single case(well, i should had realized that when i see they put the poster of these ¨CNT minister¨ in the union office!!! well, I mean what the fuck? if they think this can be something to be proud of, then what is anarchism all about???), and I can very much image the internal conflict between this discussion, and finally decided the best way is to shout people out and expel all, and let all anarchist inside this witness this happen to learn how to obey in an anarchist world, if that ever exist. Well, i think these people learn this pretty deep down, so while they say they have more important thing outside in the street with the workers.

If the revolution is not within the organization, where can it be outside?


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  1. “The syndicalist movement, organised in the International Workers Association and outside it, refuses to admit the CNT was wrong to “postpone” the revolution and enter the government.”

    This is ABSOLUTELY false !!!

    First some in WA criticed already the governement participation while it was carrying on (read the Pierre Besnard, IWA secretary, adress at the 1937 IWA congress …) (see http://cnt-ait.info/article.php3?id_article=1545).

    Second, The CNT movement in exile just after the world war two divided itself on this issue : some still participated to the “spanish republican governement in exile”, others on the contrary stated that it has been a mistake to participate to the governement in the 36-39 period, and that it is a more absurd one to still participate in the shadow republican governement in exile.

    The first fraction (the republicans) has been expelled from IWA while the seonc (the criticals) remained into IWA. Federica Montseny, who was part of the IWA group, wrote a critical text about its participation as a ministry, saying it has been a major failure. (but at it is in french and has not been translated into english, as far as i know so the english spoken anarchists do as if has never existed (while in fact some of them – and WSM particularly … – perfectly know about it … idea for another topic : How rumors are constructed onto the international anarchist movement …)

    Also interesting thing that has to be noticed : this “pro governement fracion” was alilied in IWA at that time with the IWA reformist trend, aka SAC from Sweden. SAC was questionning into IWA in the 50’s precisely becuase of its participation to governemental program (particularly the unemplyment fund scheme). SAC STILL participates today to this governemental fund. But WSM, who are SAC’s friend, do not question it … It is easier to talk about past and blame CNT than to talk about today’s practice of SAC and others …

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