Woodcut DIY and bread

WoodCut要新給你update怎麼做DIY as fuck!

another Woodcut update

I had been cutting woods for a few days now, and had alot of mistake and have alot of semi-success, normally you shouldnt try to cut ¨little¨things, I did it becuase I had been some sort of master on cutting things (I really am, no joking)

So, basically you have to really just doing things with very simple lines, for what i did was only courange, and takes alot of fucking time and muscle pain, my fingers were bleeding all over the wood. And its possible its not really worthy that.

So look into this picture below, its on a 15*15 wood piece, sort of small.

and on a certain picture like this, you have to be very careful when go thro the lines of the trees, becuase it is very easy to fuck up over other things you just finish!

上面這張圖是給大家看看 到底做這個版子是怎麼回事,這是一個大概15*15大小的版子,基本上做這種圖,不要太有野心想像我一樣刻出這樣的圖像,除非你跟我一樣有非常高超的割圖技。注意的部分是像這種數幹滑線的部分其實特難刻,因為他怎麼都不會跟版子的結理是一樣的,但你也注意在製圖的時候考慮好紋路的順向。

Now this is to give you an idea how deep it is necessary for the woodcut print, well acutally its is not very deep, but i suggest you prepare a tooth brash to clean over the wood after cuting so it doesn stick up wood to your shirt when you print.


now it is finished, if you see it far enough it looks exactly the same, but (not true, you will see the next photo)

Acutally when i print this shirt i fucked it up in the first time, and i turned it over and print on the other size, since this is for myself i dont really mind, chaos had always been my style. so cut the crap. you see on the left of the picutre is the thing i use to put the ink. I had been having qutie a problem for the last few days for how to put the ink even, but eventually i had got it all wrong until tonight. Normally when you doing this roll up ink thing, you imaged you have to press on the roller a bit to get it even, but WRONG, dont do this. What you have to do to get the ink on is you have to roll it very light, with no pressure on the roller and when you pick up the roller in the end of the ink, the roller suppose to continued rolling in the air, then this is the time that is finished. Then you apply the ink on the wood, and if you do made it contined rolling its very easy to apply it even on the wood.

One very important thing, when you pick up the wood

you have to think over what you are going to use it for, for example, if you pick up a wood piece that has very hard line, then you shouldn´t be thinking anything too difficult to cut becuase eventually the wood line cuts for you. while if the line is very clear it creative some sort of shape too. So you must try and to nkow what is best for what.

照片中的右邊就是那個上漆的滾論,有一個非常重要的絕竅,上漆時手力一定要輕,在上完漆後輪子還在空中繼續轉動才是對的力道!!! 非常重要

這是完成品 ,  woodcut 最難的就是圖的菱角很低

這件也要賣 一件也是300元,要買的人快來吧!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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