Woodcut print

DIY as fuck had not update for a very long time, I had been stuck with the same old thing for a while. however this is new/old the same time

The woodcut print!

步驟一 step one

you need these knivs, if not for something very difficult, really you only need a normal cutter, and the piece on the left

你需要這些刀子們 但是基本上若只是最簡單的木刻 你應該只需要一般美工刀與最右邊用來刻下木片的刻刀

What you need to do is, you need to first draw the picture on the wood piece, how can you do that? you have few ways,

1. draw with your hand

2. print it out on a paper (or a tracing paper) and then you need to use a pencil cover over the back of the paper with pencil carbon and re-trace it to the wood piece

ps. here have some notice, when you print out the thing you must mirror the picture, or you would make the same mistake like me.


1. 徒手畫

2. 將圖印在紙上之後用鉛筆將背面以碳粉覆蓋,之後在從新描一次圖搞在木版上


What are the use of the knives?

1. Cutter is used to cut the edge and draw it out with details

2. the speical wood cut is use to take off the wood


1. 美工刀用來做邊的切割等

2. 刻刀這種圓筆的很好作為挑掉木頭的用圖

Question : how deep do i have to cut?

basically it is not that deep while it is quite deep the same time, you have to arrage the part also where it gets fucked up, noramlly i dont really care if the cut part is perfect, as long as it doesnt get ink, it is fine, but also while you are cutting it is important your cutter is sharp so the edge is clear…

Ready! Print!!


you need a roller for to put on the ink

How to chose the ink?

it depends on what things you are printing, normally the people in the shop told me the necessary ink for the wood cut print is : it is important the ink takes more time to dry becuase while you are rolling up the ink it takes some times to get it even, so if you use normally clothing ink its possible you need to put some water to add up its liquidity, but i am not sure if that makes the print more easy to wash away, i think no. but you can try and contribute later with your experience.


基本上做木刻印最重要的是顏料要慢乾為佳,因為再滾色上時要均衡須要一段時間,若是用一般印Tshirt的顏料可能會需要加水 。


And again, rememeber to mirror your picture before you print it out!!

note. as thie is a DIY guide, so, i am not response for any professional skills, the lesson has to come from your own experience!


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