CNT – A revolutionary union or otherwise?

The very beginning of the story, hence, emotionally

I arrived in Spain in Feb 2009, brought the biggest expection one person can possibly have, I brought an open heart ready to learn from everything I was about to expose. Imaged the possibility to launch myself in an union that practice anarchism, pratice that the possibility to line us together with workers. It doesn’t only excited me, it bring me much more close to the reality of the struggle of life. It brings me close to the struggle, I listen to it, touch it, think in it, and defend it, and this time, I wasn’t alone on this.

One year later, the union was facing an internal conflict, I was force to stand aside, and took the side becuase I see no possibility of being neutral(and really, neutral? In a soceity like this, it is impossible to be neutral, either you support the evil positively or you “shout up” and “support” it passively) in the middle, the lesson was learned, in the most unpropriated way, or mabye the best way one can ever have, it had strongly challanged all the thing I ever believed, broke all the principles, and in the end, I found myself can never be more understanding and clear about my idea of a social revolution.

The idea of anarchism is so strong, and yet so weak and easily-forgatten in an union “organizer”.

Some people in other CNT tried to tell me that all that was happening in Sevilla isn’t the whole picture of the organization – ok.

Yes, the organization is autonomous and no central power(where exactly you are talking about?) can control the union to be exactly the same, but if something that can happen so obviously in front of all the people’s eyes. How can you be an anarchist and live your daily revolution with it?

We do have a much bigger enemy outside known as “the capitalism”, however what really defeated us wasn’t the “system” outside, at least it has not yet hunt us down altogether, it was the “system” inside all of us, all of you, and that bring us to an end that the end is not the liberty of all, but the very chosen ones, and I really wish you too will be the next one draw out of the list, so you can be in my position too.

And by this time, we can sit together and discuss about what had went wrong and never repeat the mistake again, while everytime when we step a step we can have all cautions to know where it heads…..


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