Russia woman, royal blood, royal Look

Recently i had somebody passed me a message on skype says :

[上午 11:25:33] dreamsy002: European and American women are too arrogant for you? Are you looking for a sweet lady that will be caring and understanding? Then you came to the right place- here you can find a Russian lady that will love you with all her heart. Can’t find a queen to rule your heart? How about beautiful Russian ladies that have royal blood and royal look? Here you can find hundreds of portfolios of these fine women of any age for every taste. Please excuse us if you are not interested.

Beautiful Russian ladies –


this is only one of the few messages i got since i started with skype, everyday somebody try to sell me some woman of russia, who is more “sweet” than the “european and american” woman, who seems to be totally arrogant, and difficult to deal with. Of course this is nothing new, however the part about the royal blood an royal look got my eyes, i dont know where this refers from….

And how can anybody “excuse” anybody for posing such an AD? I havent got any idea how to deal with these really racist/sexist/fascist… spam,  I do can simply ignore it, but I dont feel like it, so if anybody have a way to make something to “deal” and “fix” these people, I appreicate any ideas….


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  1. Si es posible enviarme mas informacion

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