The sickness of being a social animal

The conflict has only gone bigger than i would ever expect. A friend in Indonesia said to me 5 mins ago :do you remember, I told you before, it must be a distruction to begin”. When the time he said this to me I was thinking of something else, maybe I think the union isn’t perfect but at least it remains and it opens a place where we all have a chance to come and join in the revolution. well, at least to prepare for the revolution….


people always say its about personal problem in the union, but i had only came here for 8 months, i dont know anybody that well to have a personal problem, i dont speak spanish that well to create a problem. what i see is what i see with my eyes. a worker said : the assembly is not important! and this is end of the conversation. one least thing that each of the person who walks out of the union door – no matter if we failed to keep them resist in their struggle or if we failed to help them to gain their rights, one thing we can not forget to pass to them is the believe – the assembly is everything, in this assembly each person have equal rights and you come here decide your future, not professional striker, in this assembly people get to speak like they never did before, with no body give you lines and directions of what you suppose to do or say.


I think its so easy we failed and lost in a struggle, when all we are thinking is to win, and the process is not important anymore, we calculate our money and our time, we act to win, we act to improve the situation. And we forget the most important things are not our aim and how much land and people we conquered, it is about how we come to where we are, we can speak proudly its been far and its been hard, I had never gave up a bit dignity and the believe of the real liberalism to come to where I am. I know how we had always speak about, “well forget it, iif this people are doing things differently, we will meet in the end”. the process leads the end. And with a very different way of doing things, its impossible to lead to the same end. we only grow more greedily each days, the more you take the more you want, the more follower you gain the more you want, the more cheer you hear the more you desire, the more control you have the more you dream of…….


so don’t say, “well, let’s DO this revolution FOR the people, now they call us fascist, by the end when they all have freedom they will appreciated us.” I say, by the end, we all gonna die in a fascist land. Simple as that.


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