the anarcho syndicalist attack!! (first part for friends)

“I should not let the world effects me, I am the person who effects the world”. The same stubborn Em that i met a couple of years ago 🙂 I can imagine Sevilla as an hostile environment for you…..

Reading a friend’s email from Bilbao always makes me warm, even tho I remember how damned cold bilbao was in Agust.

Just to realize how every friend keep update with me by reading my blog, I should take it more serious, writing intelligent/interesting issues in Spain. Lets not talk about feelings….


Some the few important update in europe, one is G20, who didnt invite taiwan(bastard, we are being one of the richest country in the fucking world) has started on the April Fool, to fool everybody, most of our friends are now, convincely protesting in the street with a baseball bet sizes your head, all ready too smash the capitalism once they come closer. I thought we would have some activity in Sevilla, but nope, calm as the morning dawn, last saturday when we were supposed to all go to this national mobilization of CNT’s action day on economic crisis, instead of that the cnt sevilla went to Utrera, another city who had a conflicts had a party(you can see the picture below).

Another one is about NATO, which is going to happen tomorrow at both france and germany, at the edge of the countries are having alternative summit in the village, I image the protest ganna bring some nice consumption to the neighborhood, but also hopefully, there will be some nice discussions. I did the translation of the appeal against it, in the ealier entry, if anybody else interested in reading it in chinese.


The part about Anarcho syndicalist research/ and the political scene in sevilla.

Just last weekend i had a long conversation about my staying in sevilla with a good comrade from CNT sevilla, who talked to me about his experienced in other city/countries and why he decided to finally come back to sevilla, where he finds he has more mission to finish.

I had reconsidered my research about anarcho syndcilaist movement in Spain into a more depth thinking, I started to wonder if i should include CGT as part of my studies, and thinking about the whole idealistic way of reovlution with anarcho syndicalist in modern world today. And I had also come to understand how small the movement of CNT is in Spain, compare to the numbers of the populations in the spanish civil war, that i finally had woke up from. The fact is, CNT is at its very first beginning after all these 100 years, image how the social/political situation were different back during the warzone, and how the capitliasm model has transfer into what it is today after 2 great world wars and constantly economic recession. the boy in Barcelona told me he didnt believe Marx because he failed on his prophetic on capitalism, while I am think this capitalism is like an asian V-one virus, at this point of how the government are interventing corpotation by taking parts of its stock control. It seems this neo-liberalism economic its facing a new transition again. I always thought this is like the biggest chance for us to come in and break everything, taking back what the people deserved. But it seems like for us, the anarchist are too small, anot not yet half ready for it, and there is very small possiblity we will be able to work with teh lefty again, and the most powerful lefties are thinking just the transition of the power instead of the bottom up government, well, i guess it is hard when the resrouce appears everybody just want grab it for themselves, and the capitalist system can always find its way to survive by living on this greedy nature of humanlity, adjust itself and taking whatever it could to make sure the power doesnt transfer to the people who has nothing. If the world is ganna end, the people who died the first will still be the poor, and afterwards, the rich will start to kill each other.

have the anarcho syndicalist have a vision on such situation? As CNT being an union, everything has to return to the basic daily work on working struggle, coflicts and organizing, mobilization…. CNT had done most of the great work with its very limited militant activist, with its un-brokenable union structure, which prevent any power taking over control of the union work, while it also prevent CNT to be fully organized like lefties groups. But i have my arguments, if the alternative cant apply to an union and grow its solution to be able to organize oursevles under de-centralized how can this be possible after revolution? So I am very positive of seeing CNT grows its way to find the answer, becuase while we are here still struggling to find the answer with the organizing inside the union sometimes. Also, I think the FAI has to restart again bring all its hardcore-ass theorical on capitalism and the whole fucking world system, even tho i know some of the CNT would complain it so much, beusae FAI used to criticize them on the union work, but having both group exist is the best way to maintain the possibility of both of us to grown into a real militant/intelligent anarchist movement, where we have not only base organizing but powerful words as weapon to attack capitalism/leftism and knowledge oursevles as much as we can.

It seems like the things are getting interested while I am writting this, thinking about it makes me happy.

I will spent april and may making contact to the FAI again, find out about how it was doing and how to make it alive again, for my researchs, i started to have a more clear idean and plans, i will make details research of the union organizing in these months. the whole structure will be coming up after these 2 months two, hopefully!

and….. about the animal liberations (fuck your “pure” human liberaions)

While last weekend I also met the first vegan activist in sevilla, who belongs to a vegan groupo called “13 monkeys”. This pretty face skinhead boy told me we will be in contact soon, and my dearest friend Adri is coming back to SEvilla TODAY!!!! if not the revolution now, what else? ;D


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