600勞工群聚勞委會抗議無薪假 勞團:小年夜至總統府圍爐

In the morning of 23rd Dec, outside the Council of Labor Affairs(CLA) square, there were around 600 workers gather togethere protest for the “unpaid leave”. From the flyer the unions gave out on the protest, it explained many cases about recent “illegal” massive scale lay offs and many of the unpaid leave case happening to the workers of taiwan nowadays.

the unions memeber’s preparing

In fact, within Chimei Optoelectronics in Taiwan, the world’s 4th largest LCD manufacturer, laid off 3100 temporary employees, on 16th ..he employees received a sms on their cellphone claimed they have lost their job. While chinese new year is coming close, many people worried how they ganna survived thro this winter time.

the solidarity organizer speaking on the “Car”

The Solidarity union came to CLA on 23rd Dec, and brought up 4 statement: First, the CLA must formally announced the illegalize of “unpaid leave”. The union organizer explained unpaid leave was a tactic to slow down/veli the fact of possible dramatic increasing umemployment. While the emploer and the government convinced the workers if they dont accept unpaid leave they will very much likely to face lay off in near future under this economic recession. But by labor standards laws, the company can only give advnaced announcement of massive scale lay off under a serial of effective deficit, and unpaid leave is another way of “salary cuts” that’s also against the law. While it could effect their redundancy pay in the future, and reduce their labor and health insurance. Secondly, if the unpaid leave must enforced, it has to be in a formal interpretation of labor regulations, to enforce the rule and restrict the abuse of the employeer. And any agreements must based on bilateral consaltation. Third, The 3 support policy “government support the bank, bank support the enterprise, the enterprise support the labors” is not really helping the labors, instead of that, the CLA should start a “labor supporting fund” to help the labor directly when they are facing short on salaries and countless unpaid leaves. Forth, stop importing new migrant workers and help the native unemployment entering new jobs.

The protest continued for 2 hours without any response from CLA, so the workers gathered around 50 people decided if the CLA continued to ignore their demands, they will break into the CLA’s gate where around 200 polices had already block the entrance.

the line between the labors and the police, before the break in

Around 12pm, the officer from CLA finally came out and responsed to the solidarity unions’ 4 statement by saying that, they are not able to giving promise until they make further consultations and researchs. But they agree unpaid leaves should be excluded from the labor and health’s insurance. They union broke 4 piece of big glasses that displayed the 4 statements, represented their dissatisfaction for this invalid response from CLA.

in front of the CLA

By the end, the union organizers calling for a bigger action in the nearly future “we will return!!” The unions organizers Ma said they expected more illegal lay offs at massive scale will happen before chinese new year, “more workers will come and stand with us” and next time they will mobilize more unemployed worker to join for a bigger protest right in front of the presidential palace.

After the break in, the CLA closed the roll-up door.


在現場所散發的新聞稿中,四大頁滿滿說著工人們的訴求與整個台灣正在發生的「資方違法」案例。盛華科技在12月18日聲稱11月下降20%的營收而裁員,明顯違反勞基法;美商 AIG早在11月底就無預警資遣417名內勤人員,同時要求資遣員工在當天4點前辦理交接後離開,還要求簽下承諾書保證離職後不可對公司主管、管理人員提出任何訴訟。工會幹部在主持車上指證歷歷,眾多案例從南到北正發生台灣的工人身上。



直到將近12 點多,勞委會技監林政育由警察的「保護下」走出勞委會,面對工人們的陳情。對於以上四大訴求,林政育回應「無薪假」期間將不記入年資計算,也將排除在勞保之外,而政府方面將與各直轄市研商「無薪假」通報機制;對於成立勞工紓困基金與暫引外勞的部分,林政育表示勞委會將做檢討、再行研議。對於此回應,團結工聯表示憤怒,在勞委會前摔下寫著四大訴求的玻璃版。對於已經面臨生活困境的勞工們,勞委會至今仍無任何具體回應,毛振飛表示「下波行動,我們將在小年夜到總統府前圍爐!」



  1. Blogring for insurance…

    Blogring for insurance…

  2. It is a pretty bad situation. There are some laws as you mentioned that protect workers, but I don’t think they were ever meant to be enforced.
    On the other hand, I think that the demonstration took a very migrants vs. Taiwanese workers view, which I don’t think is helpful. Migrants and Taiwanese should find common cause to unite and fight.

  3. This blog article in Chinese provides a similar angle of analysis:


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