Taiwan anachist? An open statement to Bebop the multitude

各位無政府的同志與搞運動的朋友們,近期台灣出現一個自稱”無政府/反權威”者bebop the multitude,活動在社會運動(包括日台,尚無法確定)之間,此人對無政府主義的理念模型純有很深的誤解,最近甚至在寄發信件時,以無政府/反權威主義者自稱,公開募款,此募款行動是為其個人的募款行為,不應以無政府主義者的形象做包裝渲染,此舉絕非無政府/反權威主義者的運動模式,特發此聲明以示陳清。

Dear comrades and activists friends, recently there is a man who claim himself to be an anarchist – “bebop the multitude“, he is been active between the social movements in both taiwan and japan. However, he has completely no understanding of what anarchism/anti authority is, and recently he has been sending mails to activist/people claim himself to be anarchist and ask for donations for his daily expense. To use anarchism as one of the target advertising for donation is not really a “method” in anarchist movement (its true, we dont say, i am an anarchist, so give me money to drive my cars to a protest venue!). This open statement intend to clarify such activity is beyond what anarchism is about.


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  1. Blogring for statement…

    Blogring for statement…

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