300 unions’ members gathered on 12/9 called off the airport speical zone regulation!

On 9th Dec, there were around 300 members from different labour unions gathered at Legislative Yuan in Taipei, they announced a collective aunnocement on the against of Airport speical zone regulation, which was passed its first stage on 8th Dec in Legislative Yuan.

What is Airport Special Zone?

Airport Speical zone regulation agrees the airport area to become a special zone, which means it will have its own governance aside from every where else, there will be 7 people form the directorate and they will have unlimited power to decide if the zone has to increase its scope and what corporation can enter, and it has its own different labour laws allow them to hire as many migrant workers as they like without paying them the minimum wage, it is also benefited to remit its texation.

Why is this have anything to do with the labours?

this regulation suppose to be one of the new-elected president’s “loving taiwan’s 12 development”, but it is nothing more than a beautiful idea for the capitals/big corp. In 48 and 50 regulations, it agrees in the special zone the wage standard for migrant workers could be excluded from the labor standards law, which means they can pay migrant workers much lower than the minimum wages. And it also open its job position to all migrant woerks without any percentage stipulation. The union leader told the media, under such regulations it violates all the worker’s right, migrant or native. First, it violates the migrant’s right by not even paying the minimum wage, which nowadays is no longer able to a support a lowest living standard cost to live in taiwan. And not having any ratio control for the hiring of the migrant workers can very much violate the native worker’s work opportunities. In fact, there’s around 500,000 unemployment in taiwan, and it is still increasing everyday under recent economic crisis.


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