sexiest vegan in 2008 (what abuot the sexiest worker of the world?)

I get really sick, when every time the sexy vegan announced in the late of the year. like all vegan must fit the standard beautiful. Like they are selling you an image that of all vegan can be.
But in real life we are not. I had been a vegan for more than 10 years now, I am not able to fit the tiny skirt and shirt, and dont really care too.
(even some stupid guys always respond with that silly smile like “oh sure you dont”)
Things happned last month when there were a conference in a national university, i attened it becase i find it very interesting with the subject on “conversation between the Red and Green” it tends to speak about the enviornemental movement and labor movement, where both context doesnt seem have any relations in the past in taiwan.
fair enough, it doesnt just happen to taiwan, but a problem to the world. people who cares about animal probably cares about the environment, but the “environmentalist” probably doesnt care that much of animals if they are just looking for a green life. labors are mostly doesnt really know about the enviornment issues becuase it doesnt really relate to their daily life if they are exploited by the boss and if what they are making are poison the river. and would they ever image the animal were the same “working” in the milk facotry to provide the milk for them in the monring. fair enough? you tell me.
sometimes, i have to say, the whole movement is been like another copy of the capitalism itself on a certain point, when the anti fur campaign tried to sell us a image that “a skinny girl strip in the poster” and how beautiful you can be without fur. or when an environmental movement wants to makes us all moralist to close the polluted facotries which feed hundresd of family.

this morning i received the e-news from a “vegetarian support group” in taiwan, on the head line it says “The rich people eats differently from you!” it support to be an idea that which you belive if you start being vegetarin you will someday be rich. (class changes? does it?) while, with those “rich people” they mentioned in the e-news who can possibly be running a sweatshop in China, exploited another human beings like me in a different place, I really couldnt less about what they eat differently.. maybe i care more of – if they choke, when they think about how they are making the workers in the world suffer?











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