xxx(name undecided)-A jornal that cross borders of all kind

Zine project : A journal that cross border of all kind

(Anarchist in Asia)A journey in indonesia/HK/Japan – a review of the anarchist movement
(Animal Liberation)Interview of bite back – animal liberation magzine
(precarious worker)Starbucks campaign in the States(IWW’s new centry camgian)
(precarious worker)Freeter’s movement in Japan
(anti-neoliberalism)No more mud – Sidoarjo mud flow, real time report
(anti-neoliberalism)in 2005 WTO protest in HK
(anti-neoliberalism)G8 action in japan report
(Anarchist in world)A report of the anarchy people of color
(Anarchist in Asia)Interview with the most political hip hop rapper in Indoensia – Homicide(included video footage, I will try my best to get it)
(Anarchist in Asia)The ananrchy perspective of social movement in Bandung/Indonesia
(punk)interview of the old punk label in berlin – yellow dog record. London anarchist distro – active distro
(punk)anarcho punk, old and strong – Resist and exist/Conflict
(Anarchist in Asia)Food not bomb Asia report – bandung/jakarta/KL/singapore
(Anarchist in Asia)Asian anarchist network – who are we, what do we do…
(Taiwan section)Queer movement in Taiwan – a report
(Taiwan Section)precarious workers’ movement
(Taiwan Section)as a media activist – let’s talk about media activism interivew
(Taiwan Section)is there a punk scene? – Interview with the first and only crusty band

(亞洲安那其行動)一趟跨越印尼,香港,日本的旅程 – 安那其運動的視野
(動物解放)反擊雜誌的專訪 – 一本關於動物解放運動的雜誌
(反新自由主義)去他的泥漿 – 印尼Sidoarjo泥漿火山困境 一個來自於擴國公司與國家對人民的殘害
(反新自由主義)2005 市貿會議在香港的抗爭 – 來自於一個安那其主義者的觀點
(龐客)(世界安那其行動)老牌龐克廠牌 大黃狗唱片的專訪/英國倫敦的 行動派
(龐客)安那其龐克 – 老而堅挺的 “抵抗就是存在” “鬥爭”樂團專訪
(亞洲安那其行動)要食物不要戰爭的亞洲報告- 班頓/亞加達/馬來西亞/新加坡
(亞洲安那其行動)亞洲反權威主義者網絡 – 我們是誰,我們做些啥麼…
現在需要的是 – CD樂評寫手 紀錄片影評寫手 還有專欄手 (請自己舉手 毛遂自薦到



  1. If you need any help on this let me know!

  2. […] – bookmarked by 3 members originally found by jchae on 2008-08-18 xxx(name undecided)-A jornal that cross borders of all kind […]

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