A very long introduction – Trip report from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan

well, this short article tend to bring me again back to where i was, as a beginning to renew the scene. Where in one night I first met and discussed about muslim anarchist in a small room in jakarta, in a room full of people speaking Cantonese, I felt no alienation toward in such sort of a family gathering, i thought i was part of them. in a small room upstair in bandung, how people i never met all sit together and we talk, the cooking for food not bomb, the meeting of the artists.  This all came back before i start to write about my trip in japan, Hk and indonesia(where i again, left a piece of my heart, heh!!), however I have to warn you, this could be a serials of complaination, my own speical experience of culture shocks, idealistic perspective on the local movements, too much of an anarchy-ideology way of analysis. But in all, I meant to make this my small contribution for the people who I had met and spent the days with.

Also for those who i had met, I want to emphasize i had been spoiled in life, that when i go on a trip, i want to be able to not to spend money I dont have, by just skipping food, squat in park/house, beg for money for basic needs and food sometimes, and of couse always actions! actions! actions! and endless discussion on local struggle. So if ever I get too serious, its becuase i want to be albe to know more, and too greedy about the idea exchanges. But of couse none of you suppose to tolerant with any of this. And you all had been great host to let me had the chance to participate part of your life when i was there. (you rule!)

(the Bandanna was given by the homeless, homeless activist in osaka. Benze was given by spanish anarchist in germany. I adored all these things that remember me the moment )

Because of the networking with the anarchist among the world during all these years, I unconsciously grew a obscure ideas/imagitation of each places evne i had never been there, which could be very easily lead to a stupid prejudice/misunderstanding, so it is especially important for me to autally meet the people, talk face to face, as a chance to re-learn from what i had only heard of.

For example as in Hong Kong where seems to have only so much people in the movement, and how it seems relativily difficult with the city’s speicality of how it was organized/developed under the uk colonized pierod, and recent political situation. The whole city was exposed under the new-liberalism economic age while itself has it conflicts interfering the so called chinese(eseically Cantonese speaking majority)tradition(who knows what this is, i probably just made it up. but well, yeah it does exist, hopefully somebody in the future will be able to hlep me to explain this better), the result comes in like any other places, big shopping mall area and the alienation between people. but then this group of people showed up, they are very introspected, and they awared of problem in society and willing to challage something they are not agree with. yeah, well this could be very cliche like every other place, but the way they look at things, and the issue they brought up is very different from other places. And with these people, the 4 days i was there, i witnessed alot of passionated talking and i met passionated people, I know they had done more than what they thought by just existing there in HK.

As in indonesia, how the culture shocks hit me in the face every freaking day, when i met MT(anarchist from the states) i discovered more of the things i was confused of. but sum up, i thought the shock was gonna scared me away from it, instead of that it sucked me in, and drag me down with it. And I believe this all becuase of the people who i had met, and stayed with.  

well, i hope my report wont carry away by being biased of a certain things. With an open-mind I step on a different land, and i respect and open up for learning what i can, each person who i met in the trip, was my tutor of their life and local struggles. Hence, I appreciated it, and the existing of you. Every spark of light is a beginning of a revolution.

(HK is preparing for Olympic China)


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