agriculture en Taiwan II, Hope market(every second saturday)

(this article wont be objective, all my articles are based on the things that I understand with my own eyes, and this result coming from over night of discussions and what we think/talk about with friends. And one more thing, none of us have lived a farmer’s life, so we may be illusional)

The name of the Market is called Hope Market in english, just like former articles said it was formed in Sep 2006, consist of environmentalist, community organizer, and those who concerns of agriculture’s predicament. With this market, they gathered a couple of farmers, educationalist, people who cares about the land, and fair trade promoter, mainly the farmers we talked are small farmer. (couple days ago I remember seeing them promoting the “small is beautiful” idea on their website.) This market suppose to be like a co-op gathering, but it has not like those you see in western places, later I will describe the atmosphere for a bit. There are 3 elements within this market, first, they believe a better life consist of all people have the same purpose to work together, desire for a natural life, so they must learn/cooperate with each other. Second, to learn from the producer(farmer), and the producer to learn from the land/nature. Third, this market tends to bring the people together, with the producer and the consumers, a center for people to meet together. All three elements I think meet the general idea of a pro nature life ideology. And well to achieve a better life, the market bring in some concrete ideas, that’s why they have this market every month to bring people together, while they have lectures to improve the idea of eating the local food/in season produce. Also they have lecture to promote the “organic cultivation”, but this lecture is for the consumer/general public to experience the producer’s hard work.(very typically thing we do in Taiwan).


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