If once they get elected, they will be much much worse than they are now.

They know, we know, I know.

It was out of the question that Ma/KMT will be elected this 2008, because Chen(DPP) proved he had not the capability to be a presdient of anything, anybody or any land, but who ever was? The failure hit the DPP like a storm, that they have considered about coming back to the street to stand with people. But the question is, who will stand with them? As usual, I am not gonna talk about it until I see it happen, and by that time I will be the first one to laugh on it.

this video is a repost

I wanted to write about 18th March’s action earlier, but there were so many things stuck me, and just to realize that I have more coming the coming days, I feel the need to finish it soon as possible.

In the morning of 18th March, aborigines of 4 city tribe who were facing evictions came together to the Thaipei county Government. Around 10 am, we were meeting people coming around from the city in the back of the building, there were about 50-60people at first, most from ShiJiou and XiaoBiTan, we stayed and waited for about 10-20 mins, the people from SanYing and NHW2(the second north highway, english name to be confrimed) had finally arrived from the traffic jam. the protester started to take out their banners and posters, and we were all set to move to the building when the clock hit 10:30. By the time there were close to 100 people or maybe a bit more.

once the protester comes to the door of the Thaipei County Government, the journalists all came close and start taking photos, push each other to get the best shot of the protesters, best with a kid with sad eyes in the crowd holding a banner looking nowhere, but unfortunally there weren’t any kid that day, it was a school day. Most of the people were calling the morning off to attend this action, they will need to return to their work soon after the protest is over.

in the first, one of the spokewoman of ShiJiou talk about how the government is playing tricks in between these 4 city tribes, by telling them different things and offers them different things, intend to buy off some of the people who were in much worse living condition, who would probably grab any log they see in their face. By giving the mainstream wrong information was probably the worse thing that had hurt most of the activity/movements that the government does best. The former government of taiwan is best at playing Populism against the real people movements, and at this case, they just play dirty games by promising to give a city tribe a land, while they are evicting another 3. When it comes to a point like this, rather the movements breaks, or some people’s family breaks, at such an inequal situation between the government who has everyting, and the people who has nothing. Its hard decision to make.

Not before the spokepersons from differnt tribes finish their speaks about their situation the director of the Indigenous peopl’s Bureau, Thaipei County camt out with a few people dressing cloth with indigenous patterns smiling, while the spokeperson of NHW2 were still talking, she pull out the microphone and started to talk, directly intterrupt the speech, and drove all medias to her side. She smile like sunshine telling everybody, THEY WILL take care of their people, “their people”. becuase she is also an indigenous so she would understand what it is like to live by the riverside, surrounding by a bunch of holystone company, and how it is to live in a tent with no running water and toilet. We all surely believe she knows a shit, when she spoke with a smile on her face.

So what she intend to say is, she wanted to invite everybody to the meeting room, “let’s solve things out in a nice way”. While when she was speaking, there were around 5 people holding big blue poster in the crowd, everytime when they see media they came up to it and tried everything to block everybody else’s poster and banners, at first I thought it was weird, the poster were saying “government will take care of the aborignes! Dont worry”, “Governemt will give you a land, think about it!” or something like “government thinks for their people” I was confused, coz who would ever image the government making posters/banners like this to shuffle themselves in the crowd holding this against the protesters? It has to be the most hilarious thing I ever heard in my life, it is stupider than sending the infiltrator into a black block. But they did anyway, <this makes me to want to make an interview with them, and I did, basically I was suppose to interview them to ask why they do this, but I kinda sort of just started a quarrel with them, (I have not the possibility to speak to any government empolyer and the police, all i did was fight) If you understand my fast chinese, you can watch the video and get the idea. >

There doesnt seem to be any other opinions for the aborigenes, they want an answer, so they have to go to the meetings. When the people were starting to enter the building, there were 2 people dressing the indignous pattern clothing smileing by the entrance, and offering betel nuts to the aborignes, some of the Aborignes got very angry with this, most of the people used to “stereotypes Aborignes in taiwan, as a bunch of lazy alcoholic, who spend their paycheck before they even earned it.” <Betel nuts to be consider only ragtags take them, so while when they try to present to the media by offering the aborigines protester betal nuts, some people considering it insulting. Both stereotype comes from the government’s brainwash>

After we enter the building, there were around 7-10 girls dress in different indignous traditional clothing dancing by the “indignous” music, it was so odd, becuase most of the time the building is a very quiet government building with only people going their work or people coming there for “help” from the government. But there were acutally this loud music, and these very weird/strange situation in between, the protester were gather together shuting to keep their land, and to raise their children in their land, in the other side these people were wearing very similar clothing dacing and singing to the music smiling like it is the best day of their life. I felt the sudden crack in my head, that I didnt know what to react at the moment. But there weren’t anytime for this, I carried the camara stand and then tried to get into the crowd when somebody is giving the speech in the lobby.

a while ago, the government invited a few people from each tribe to enter the meeting room, most of them wait in the lobby, they sit on the floor, singing together, together their neighbors and families hands, alot of them had to left to work, the whole family is counting on them.

the meeting took about 1-1.5hours, the government press release came out even before the meeting ends, before any conclusion, everybody was cheated in the very fucking room, the government exist only for them and the rich people, or anybody who takes their orders. The meetings ends eventually with everybody on the meeting table distrust the other, they walked out the door and the building of the government. While when we walked out, the government offical were giving a firmly smile, I guess in the end they wins, some of these people will probably lose their home, or if there’s anything, it would be the mighty government’s bless.

No garantee, no government taking care of anybody’s life, its just us all and an unknown tomorrow. But when will you guys understand this? Its no way out to count on them, we have us.


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