Country Boys(Farming youth)

This post is especially dedicated to those people who doesn’t read chinese, or never been/heard of what’s going on in the political music scene in taiwan. Many people had asked me about it. WE DONT HAVE NO ANARCHO PUNK NONE POLITICAL RAP, the closest are those very sad/warm traditional taiwaness(language) songs, and here it comes…

About a couple months ago, we in Taipei received a news of Gig in central of Taiwan, titled somthing like “rise up the farming youth” by the “rural guerilla youth” folk band. A couple friends passed me the infos, told me that would be something that “you seem to be interested of”. I dont know if it was suppose to be “sarcastic” or they really meant it, but I thought it would be sort of a joke, what does that suppose to mean “farming youth” anyway? Are these people the farming youth, if not, please just give us a break…(I am difficult)

It doesnt take long to finally have this oppotunity for me to meet the vocal of the band. It was about one or 2 weeks ago in a weekend day, before the president election, everybody in the street were holding/waving a flag, I took the bus surrunding by a bunch of politics maniac, I felt sick and wanted to get off. But thinking about meeting this guy brings me a smile on the face, but… well wait and see…. The meeting were acutally kinda plain, I imaged him to be very political aware, serious, and black humor, but it was nothing like this at all, he looks like a young college graduated boy, angry about the world, want things to change, he was brought up in Zhang-Hwa in the farms, where he used to play with the nature, like everybody esle, he left his home to the big city to study, after all those process of socialization, he found his way and trys to go back again to the farm, to unlearn everything he learned, and to make songs that tells the story of the land and the people. So that’s why you get all these “typical taiwan folk songs” that I think even my old folks would too, like the tunes. I hope you will enjoy this as much as we do here in taiwan…

“I dont want to farm anymore”

This song is about the WTO, and the Rice bomber Yang Ju-men
It talks about how the government is not taking care of the farmers in taiwan, they import rice from America and mixed them together with the local rice to sale, because the local rice requests higher cultivation cost so the sale prise is much expensive than those import from America, hence the farmers are facing crisis to be replaced by the importation in the near future.
“Love and Peace”

They say “rock and roll is love and peace”, I cant really agree with it. This song seems to be very typical rock/peace/love, they used a lot of “love and peace” in their songs. So this one its just a typical I guess.


They have stories behind every songs, in this one it tends to ask people to rethink about what is justice, it has not like those what we been taught of when we were young. With the music they want to bring back the justice. To me, this song is much like those love and peace song, but its also my fav song, very cathy tunes.

“Tribe song”

This tells the life story of Taiwan aborigines, it was dedicated for the 4 city tribes in taipei who are facing evictions(one is already demolished by the end of Feb, but the people still lives there in the tent) read more go here

They named themself in english as “countryboys”, I should have respect their ideas, but I somehow prefer “rural guerilla youth” which seem to be more reasonable to me.
if you are interested in reading more about them come here

(and I’m pretty sure they are not maoist hehehe)


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