3/8 in the name of respect to the aboriginal identity

The most weird thing is to see a group of police link up oppose a group of aborigines, at least for me, it always seems to be one of the most peculiar thing in the world, no matter how many times I stood there inbetween, I feel the scene surreal. As a result of the modern world development and the globalization, where each life is link to all, that we live as whole, rather we like it or not, we had been suck in to the big whirlpool, you are lucky enough if you can still remember your real name, most of us are lost under the neon light in the 80’s, we sold our soul, working in the night, send our kids to after school, consuming the poor and that everything we find in a 60 sec commercial.

On 8th March, the Aborigines in Taiwan decided to take it to the street, where they needed to be seen, to be heard, the march exposed the authorities haven’t learned much lessons in the past, that aborigines are not exist to be “civilized” or “consumed”. The whole process of the civilization need to be stop and inspected, they need to be respected as one of the group of people on this land, not the civil ruled by the mighty authority to assimilate their names, language, history and their beautiful culture. They stand straight, speak for their own.

In the early morning in front of the “freedom square” in Taipei city, around hundreds of aborigines coming from all differnt part of taiwan, different tribe, they gathered together. The march started with a group dancing and singing, where they hold arms in arms, from time to time you hear a different aborigines language conversation here and there. They laugh and invited people who came to support the events to join in the dancing. Many kids took off their shoes, dancing on the cement floor with bare feet.

In the past few months, the demolishing of the city tribe had been operating in many different parts in Taipei County, while when the taipei county mayor was having a party with the major building trade enterprise ownners in his fancy residence explaining his plan for a brand new future, the city tribe is going to be replaced by beautiful parks and a cafe shop. Even the people in city tribe worrying about their tomorrow, the blueprint of the NEW image of Taipei county has started to drew its picture by the non-stop shovel and the laughing of the rich.

Meanwhile, after Sanying had been fully demolished on first March, part of the aborigines of Sanying city tribe now lives in the tent, they have not got a place to go, and they dont want to leave their home. Luckily recently the weather has been much better, but still the families and alot of kids suffer from not having a real housing and appropriate living circustance, no water system or sanitation. On the march, the families of sanying holds hand in hand, they shout for their rights to live on their land. Another city tribe “Shi Jou” who is also facing a coming demolishing announcement were also active in the march to speak out their situation, they directed a street theater telling their story in the city as their life had been affected by the authorities where first they were forced to leave their home in the mountain to find a job, during the time in the city, they faced many discrimination and inequal resource allocation, they were urgy to find a home to be, shijou has the environemnt much like their home in the mountain, by the river side, they spend most of their life there, build their houses and a tight community with the tribe resident.

Land should not hold for a certain people or a profit, it is life, its breath, history, mother….. the intention of the march is to take back the rights to self-determination for their own, the rights to live, and the right to fight for their live and families. That the authority seems to have problem to understand during this 60 years, after the ROC authority arrived in taiwan in 1949, they had had many policy for the assimilation of aborigines, this time their reason is a better tomorrow for all, but the all has excluded them in the first place.

The aborigines had long been fighting for the possibility to remain their autonomy, but when and how will they finally gain the real autonomy in such a capitlaist country?

(on the benner, it says “aborigines” in chinese)


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