Do It Yourself – A Handbook For Changing Our World

A radical Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Living

I started to read DIY book/pamphlet in a very young age, (at least for me it was) I have always like it the best out of all books. I remembered even my first english book was an Emma Goldman DIY pamphlet, with a thick paper rolled together wrapped by another thick roll of papers. It took me an year to finally understand what it is about(not entirely). After that I started to get into the DIY books, where it always contains so many drawings, “very easy to understand” with graphic explanation of course, and I have always into the artivist sort of things. So I had read planty of Do it Yourself materials, that this book appears to be the number one out of all in year 2008, especially for me at this age now. For the people at this age, they dont care about alot of graphic that helps you to understand something or make it fun/cool, and of course not because it is a “real” book, or it isnt really made of DIY. But this is a book taking the whole DIY culture much more seriously (not like the rest isn’t), but in a depth level, where you see the struture of the house, and you are getting the idea of how to make it work, with your own hands.

This book has not a 17 years old ramance of telling you how they make molotov in the back yard of the school, without any understanding of chemicals which you could really hurt yourself for, or the kids next to you who has not yet know what choice they have to chose for what they really want. But this book is with practically examples and experience on DIY, a practicable revolution. And it is very important.

The more I read it, the more I have the desire to do some abridgement translation, and you are very lucky, there is 2 very interesting chapters you can read online from their website(click to download), both are about the practice on anarchist life, how to make decisions in decentralized group. I hope these 2 chapters answers all of those people who have questions about how the decision making process is worked with anarchism ideology, I know you have a lot of criticize with that, but if you want to understand it you must shake off your Bolshevik pride. Anarchy is nature.

The book have 9 sectors on all different issues but all based on an anarchism ideology(that’s what i say, maybe they would disagree) and a permanent way of life:

I intend to write more about this book, but it acutally describes pretty much about the content on their website, so you should just drop by there to read more about it.

But in the end I cant give you a suggestion if you should “get” this book, as what this articles is been cataloged under the “this is the book you need!”, beucase from the information in the book, if you order a book from UK to Taiwan(Localisation, that’s the attitude!), it will create up to 67 times more pollution than you just sit here and wait for my translation to be finished.(which I dont know how long it will take, the list is full now, so no promise!)

A tough one huh? Life was never easy, my friend!

-Actually there’s were some DIY informations, such as how to reduceg carbon, save water, reclaim the space…. (something like this) from the Thaiphone free-zine, or maybe some environmetal group have workshops of sustainable living. And if you are interested to know more, there’s always free things online. For the part about the anarchism, you just have to wait, and see…


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  1. Maybe this theorization, based on some sort of network thinking, could be a complement: “Knowledge and praxis of networks as a political project”, published in: Twenty-First Century Society, Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2009 (an older version is available at: ).

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