zapatista’s next voice

if you ask me, I prefer the bands from canada sing about the problem in canada. coz it seems to us the Canada is a paradise, nothing more than they are the little evil helper of the america. So I really hope in the future I can hear this band sing something different.


in this song it features the zapatistas. could be overrated with what they do, but well at least they are doing something.

And the next song tells the story in 1994 Rwandan genocide



  1. Hey thought you might be interested in this, it’s the anarchist federation convergence that’s happening in Melbourne, Aust. Updates are mainly on that:

    also as far as talking about Canada: Check out Silver Mt Zion – especially Horses in the Sky

    take care.

  2. hi nelson, man thxn for the comment, the AFC sounds like an interesting thing that is happening in Melbourne, guess the whole anarchist movements has been much developed over there. Its cool, hope I can have my chance to be there and to learn from the anarchist in australia.

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