Rarely I go back to the mountain where i really from, there were many reasons, most of our relative in the mountains never know I still exist, I had been gone for 3 years, most of people thought i died, in a way, i did.

There’s been alot changes in the mountain, where its so much, much more developed. How hard it is for anybody to be angry about it, by just walking in the mountain? I wanted to take some photos, but it was hard becuae I couldnt ask everybody to stop and wait for me, and they would never understand, so I just took the picture of the surrounding of where I used to live.

My aunt used to work in this filed every morning before we wake up. I dont really remember if I ever helped, but I used to cut cockle around the house.

ever since i was young my uncle(brother of my dad) drinks alot, hes been an alcoholic for more than 20 years. for 2 years he was living in this house, but he always manage to walk down the mountain (for at least 3 hours) to get alcohol, and get drunk on the way back, it always end up some passenger calling the police to take him back home.

our dearest neighbor

the way back to the home in the ruin(city) My family started as farms, many years ago they moved to the city(before it was just another small town) and was “lucky” to meet the land reform. but this was in the history, that i dont care to talk about. Few of the family stayed in the mountain, at this point my eldest aunt is the only person in the family who is still involved with the “tea business”. I dont know how this thing all started, but I know how it is bad for the environments, and the worse part is around 20 years ago, betel nuts get very popular, everybody who lives as tea farmer was facing the crisis of the economic downturn, they have stock in the house, that if they dont sell, they are not able to have the next seasons capital, so many of them started to develop of the side artefact, and some started to plant “betel nuts” the so called traditional taiwan “fruit”. This time when I went back to the mountain, I just realized how many of the tree was cut off for the betel nuts business you can see the area were replace by a bunch of crazy betel palm, which its so stand out in a mountain lik this…, The betel palms are very bad for the conservation of water and soil, you can see at many place, the rock formation is showed, it is also very easy to cause rockfall, espeically when its raining for half a month now. Anyway, I hope to take photos of the changes of the mountain next time, I was trying to memerised the way to the house, where it would be a good challenge if next time i can biking up.(let’s see if it ever happens) And later for more stories of this whol devlopment thing of the mountain, now I am ready to get some diy veggie!


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