death penalty

2 years ago I was studying the abolish of death panalty campaigns in taiwan for a social study.

Before the trial (the two on the right are the person involved)

As i can remember with my terrible memory, in the year 2006 there were no body died on death penalty, and same in 2005(or one person?). However that doesnt mean there is not more “stentence to death”. the execution just never take its place. During these years of human rights movement, the government is under alot of stress, or maybe they just couldnt really pay any attention to it.

last week(28th Jan) I was on my duty for the reporting of the second trial of the
Hsichih Trio i had been on this case for 3 months now(with the job, but personall much longer), its been over repeating too much the whole process, basically the trial had been on for over 17 years now, I had been watch some documentries of it and reports, the same thing keep repeating. I am feeling tired of explaining about it here, so if you are intereted in reading about it. go here. in short these people was stentence to death becuase of a murder charge, which there doesnt have any conctrete avidence of them commit the murder, the only direct prove is the “confession” but it was written under police brutal. there is a documentary in chinese

Otherwise, Recently I’d been doing a lot of traditional chinese paintings, basically alot of things happened that i cant write about on my blog, becuase some people are “monitoring” it. So I just do alot of painting to pretend nothing happened. So if you are enjoy of tranditional art, and my so called style, please check back for more serials!

What am I reading recently?
I have list at this moment for my winter vacation, I had already finished 2 books at this moment. I will write chinese reviews of all the english books, and english reviews for the chinese books:

This book was writen by a war journalist from Hong Kong, she was traveling the Middle East during 2001-2002 something, she did serials report and interview many important war leaders in the book, most of the interview in the books are short and with “sharp” questions, but as my opinion, they never seem to get “answered”. if you read chinese, that’s her blog.


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