Starbucks union I 星巴克工會組織 – hear the Ethiopia farmer 聽衣索匹亞的農夫說

just recently i am writing a report on starbucks union. I know alot people who still goes to starbucks for coffee, where it is much more convenient and “style” matters.

so you might find this report useful. in the past days starbucks try to “breach” themselves as a charity corporation who doesn’t put benefit upon all, where they start to sell “fair trade” coffee, where you can approach it in very limited place/countries, and by “spending” money on the community work in the birth of starbucks coffee bean, it seems like a good company cares about its reputation. And do remember! these days the corporation is not selling you the “goods” but the “brand”. BUT! What if it is all lies?

with an investigation done by Tom Kundson of Sacramento Bee, we will see the real story behind the starbucks good deeds!!!!

watch the film here

(with more article coming up)

最近因為在寫一份工會相關的報告 讓我讀到很多關於星八克的報導與報告
所以我跟著打算做一系列的介紹 也順便將一些東西翻成中文 供後人參考

據我所知 我認識的很多人仍然喜歡去星巴克消費 因為就像很多聯鎖企業一樣 他非常的方便 (無所不在) 也代表了一定的”個人風格” 加上現在推出的 “公平交易咖啡”想必更讓人感覺戴上一個大帽子 覺得自己極有品味 又知性

事實上 就我們知道的 現在的企業 所要販售的並不是單純的產品本身 而是整個企業的品牌形像 因此在這個綠色企業的潮流中 星巴克不由他選的開始聲稱投注了很多錢在咖啡豆來源的第三世界裡做社區建設 保護環境資源 幫助農人脫離貧困的危機

但走到了依所比亞的咖啡豆種植區 我們聞到是如死馬屍體般惡臭的黑色河流 一年一個咖啡農賺取200多美金的收入 平均一天不到1美金 他們需要養一家口子 雨林也不停的被破壞殆盡 就為了更多的咖啡豆種植區

請看 Sacramento Bee的Tom Kundson所做的報導影片 然後再去思考 你到底是不是真的需要喝那一杯咖啡


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  1. could u tell me more what Starbucks did with labor?
    Do u know y the company don allow the employees to form a workers union before?

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