in the definition of being an anarchist?

I got a response from the anarchist friend in Philippines :

If we would based on what anarchist is defined, maybe we can say that’s there really are no anarchists in the Philippines. There are many anarcho-punks but most are in for the punk part. If you know what I mean. There’s only but a few who understand what anarcho-punk is.
People from outside Philippines usually defined it as anarcho-communism due to the fact that most of the anarchist ideology being spread here are connected to class struggle.
As for an anarchist movement, there’s none in here. There’s an anarcho-punk scene with bands, zines and individuals but very few of us remains. There are people on the anarcho-punk scene who made it their duty to pull somebody’s leg when an individual is trying to set something up. There’s a whole lot of ego going on in the movement right now.
There are some collectives who are indentifying themselves with anarcho-punk but most of them are young kids with not much ideology going on.
As for myself, yes I am an anarcho-punk in it’s broadest definition.

Just like what he said, but i would just say, the anarchism is over consumed by a bunch of kids who havent’ find their own orientation, on the cross road, it is very easy for kids to adopt the alternative idea that seems “nobody really knows what it is”. there comes to a point, it is very hard to understand/know people from just words.

I have hopes in the anarchists in Asia to know it will not be a “private party” anymore, or this sort of “movements” just gonna exist in the capitalist world, and that’s probably why sometimes i feel they are rather very counterrevolutionary. Think about how one day we destroy the capitalism, how they are all gonna lose their “position” for being the “unique” ones, that who reads different book, have weird personality, and how they spend all their life explain themselves with wikipedia definitions, (for example they would say: “I am an individualist anarchist, read this . And you will know who i am.” And follow up they will quote a few words from the book they had read, or probably just something they stole from the how it became really sad, who anarchists start to define themselves by wikipedia, and had lost the least ability to define themselves, and think different outside from the circle.


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  1. additional, many are clandestined a jaywalker, ambulant vendors…what you think

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