global warming action day 2007

I meant to update this, but didnt have time for it, very interesting pictures i took at the global warming action day

The civil on fire! (organized by a bunch of people in the labor movements, some are nice people, one of them are in my class, but this year they were involved with elections, “worker paticipate with the politics,… arrrrgh)

these girl are also in the sex worker’s movements, where these 2 group are linked all together

I dont know who are these people

a religion group, the guy in the red coat was wearing a Nike sneaker, Hide push me to ask him about that “why are you wearing Nike shoes?” “its is a symbol of violation of Workers” “how, tell me everything” he put down his speaker and came to us, so i had to tell about the story in sweat shop again…

when i was taking this picture, the police car drove really close to me, after this second the police were shouting at me for being too close to the fucking police car. assholes

ooo-ooo… somebody is not happy about the global warming….

I really want to have bike like this (in the middle of the picture) its so cool….!

this group… hmm its another long story, i think I wrote about it a while ago, I went their place a few times, it was a very good spot for nice air and environment but the government will build a big Jail on the farm filed, all the nature and creature are gonna die,(if you notice their hat) I need to write another artical about next time.

very typical banner in taiwan. white banner, black words, with bloody spray

do you just realize the noise in the demo is over the nature decibel human can accept?

sex worker organizer from (canada???) for a visit to the local sex worker group! sex worker respect the nature, love earth!

another dreamly pedicab, and thanx this nice man for a good posing!!

some kids just want be butterflies….. whats so wrong about it?


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