-City Tribe- in Taipei county

many thing that teach us in our life that you can trust nobody. But still you keep failing yourself, until you are dead. friends are not friends, but people who hate you.

Today I went to the aborigine village, where along the side there were big factories of nothing, golf filed in such a messed place. dogs barking, trucks, garbage…. we walked for about 30 mins crossing thro all these things, until you came to this arch, where it marked the name of the village, so we know. in front of the arch, there were flower planted along the side. (I really wished i have a camera with me) , ironically, soon the government want the village to be torn down, so they can plant the flower along all the way, to people’s house, on this land that they claim to be home.

I had wrote about this village a while ago, in late 2007 they received an official document from the government. Regarding to the fact, this land was supposedly belong to the Taipei county government(where I live) and it is set on the anfractuosity area. The document asked them to move away from their home to the public(governmental) housing. So the campaign starts….
The story actually started from 30/40 years ago, its was the blossom of Taiwan’s economy, where there were more factory built, everyday every factory operate until the next sun rise, everybody is satisfied with their life gets better even it was not even equally those hard work they offer, the class difference was abstrusely hidden under the surface, where most of the people believe there is no class different, with hard work you can be anybody, many successful businessman prove this theory.

During this time, there were also alot of economical pressure grew to the people from a much worse living condition. Especially in the aborigine community. many of them were forced to leave their home town to a totally strange place to start their new life. Some of them failed to find jobs, they ended up wandering around the street and died, some had lousy jobs that didn’t really pay off their live expense, some just missed home too much. All of these made them have this urging about finding themselves a place to be, and there started to have “city tribe”. Many village built by group of aborigine, they found place that are similar to their home in east Taiwan or it could be just some abandon place(see the documentary :the kids in the paradise) , and settled there all their life to have kids and die. ShiJou was one of this place, where it was built 30 more years ago with a few people and it started to grow, these days it has around 150-200 people.

many people have 3 generations here.

to be continue…


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