aborigine issue in taiwan, another day in the taipei street…

its another long long day, i went to bed around 6 in the morning the day before and had to wake up at 8 for the work. i slept over, but not a problem, so did everybody…

So today it was about the aborigine people who tried to get their name back – Sediq(pronounce as SaDek) a aborigine tribe who inhabits mainly cross Nanto to Haulin, they used to be included as one of the “Atayal“, but while they have their own language and cultures. Nowadays with more and more tribe came to fight for their own identity, the 9 tribes we used to know had already increased to 13 tribes. And that’s exactly what the Sediq is doing, they refused to be identify as someone else they are not but to fight for their own identity. It’s not just their names as “Sediq” but their language, their own pattern and their own life. “We are Sediq, we will fight for our name, our identities” they shut out together in sediq(language) on the press conference.

the aborigine culture haven’t been much recorded as other culture, mainly is because alot of them seem to not have their own words, most of the history and culture are passed on with the elder by words-by-mouth, but its getting harder and harder these days, capitalist world had force them to be like us, as wage slaves. However the difference is they are most of time live under a much worse life condition and lack of resource, the worst is the discrimination from “han people” (the people who originally came from china) . I, myself remember my mom used to call them, “them”, like they are different from us, yes they are different, they have darker skin because they appreciate the nature much more than most of us the city kids, and they laugh without covering their mouth, i learn it many years later, i felt free after that.

In 1994, these people started to walk on the street, they hold each others hands and refused the discrimination, refused the name to be put on their face “barbarian”(the people who lives on the mountains, who are uncivilized). we are not barbarian, we are aborigines. Some people get threw into jail after this big demostration, and alot moved on, they won their name back all over their own hands. no more barbarian, they are aborigines.

And after the Taroko identified their name in 2003, as the 13th tribe in Taiwan, Sediq is fighting to be the 14th officially approved Tribe.

(this most gives too less informations, but i am just too sleepy to write any more… so live with it.. very likely i have another chance to do another report of it, after all i got a book of their studies…)

after the long day i went to simen to get some stuffs from a friend, saw some new stickers:

this isnt new, but i want to take pic of it for so long, now her it is … (its dabs, you can read, right???)

the street of taipei, in a raining day

dabs has some really freaky stickers, i cant say i really like it, but its interesting with the ideas he is trying to offer…

tag tag, bomb bomb, more tag and bomb your house! oh yeah!

tommy jeans , the street style! by the way who did this? i believe this is really like “mr.t’s” style but i could be wrong, it could be Bbrother, did you do this????


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