songs for a speical holiday

既然到了”佳節” 就來幾首哥為大家祝福
第一首是唱衰聖誕消費動機的反企業壟斷歌曲 充滿搖滾味的 特別只有在聖誕節為你獻上
第二首 是送給所有天下的安那其主義者 希望有一天我們都能手牽手的在草園上跟著出賣靈魂音樂樂團的歌曲快樂的跳舞歌唱和期待新的未來
第三首是送給所有的朋友 請記得 每一個人都孤單的  你不是唯一

since it is holiday time, even tho we dont care, but i still have good song for people who cares ….
this part is about how punk thinks of santa. a lovely man :

and then you know how we anarchist loves a camp that we gather together beat up someone who try to hold the mic on a karaoke fest

after all, please know you are not alone, we will stick together till the end, we only have ourselves, no?


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