book reviews? ohhh

these 2 books are acutally the same, i felt like i had been tricked for getting both… but a good one for beginning, the anarchist in China talked about translating it 2 years ago? hopefully to see it out asap!!

the chiapas one is kinda old now, but still interesting to read…

My fav two books of all, tintin is just too amazing, as for anarchist farm, its the best reading book for kids, all kids should start to read this for bed time story!!

i really want to write reviews of these 2 books, but we will see…

It was really hard to get any spanish civil war book in taiwan, not even the english ones, so when i go to europe i have to find some really interesting ones, but both are from freedom

i know participating economy sounds lousy, but its no harm to really learn about it!

durruti is a good man, i heard so many story oh him in spain!! i havent able to finish the big book, its very thick…. (maybe the end of next year….)

squat squat squat, all about squatting, i actually have another one in espanol, that can motivate me to study spanish so i can finally read, but it seems like it is gonna take forever….

do it yourself, last time when i was reading DIY a handbook for changing our world, the man in my school was laughing at me “i didnt know there even books published as such to teach people how to be themselves” … hmmm… another side of the fence…

the content, very interesting books, i really in love with the book making stuffs and doing things….



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