HINDRAF is an NGO representing the minority Hindu and Indian community in Malaysia.

They are planning a gathering of 10,000 outside the British Embassy on Sunday, 25/11/07.

“On the 30th August 2007 I filed a class action against the Government of United Kingdom for its failure to protect the minority Indian community rights when it drafted the Constitution of Malaysia 50 years ago and hence the minority Indians in Malaysia remain a permanently colonialized community under the majoritarian rule of the UMNO led Government of Malaysia.

Since then HINDRAF has been actively organizing nationwide meetings (road shows) to explain to the minority Indian community the civil suit and why it was filed on their behalf.

The minority Indian community of Malaysia has come out in thousands throughout the country in support of us as well as the suit filed on their behalf and their numbers are increasing by the day as they realize they are a marginalized Society and have remained permanently colonialized.

These factors have contributed to the Government’s fear that we are gaining momentum in our struggle to seek justice through the United Kingdom Courts for the suit per se would reveal the atrocities committed by the Malaysian Government against the minority Indian community in Malaysia.

For the aforesaid reasons the Government of Malaysia is doing everything possible to frustrate our attempt to get “people support”. Though the Malaysian Federal Constitution guarantees freedom to assemble in peace under Article 10 and hence there is no need to apply for a Police Permit we have been complying with this requirement. However the Government is deliberately preventing us from holding these meetings and has not issued Police Permits though applications are made. (No reasons given for refusals).

Of late the Government through their agents the Police Special Branch has been intimidating and instilling fear on the local minority Indian community who help us organize these meetings. Intimidations include the following:

a) Threat of arrest under the draconian Internal Security Act.
b) Threat to demolish their respective temples (if gatherings held in temple function halls)
c) Threat of arrest and initiate criminal prosecution of venue owners for aiding in holding events.

Various methods are used to prevent us from holding our meetings which include the following:

a) Sealing off of temples (meeting venues) and all access roads leading to it
b) Venue owners forced to cancel our bookings
c) Spreading false text messages that our events are cancelled.
d) Placing hundreds of riot Police Force fully armed, heavy Police machinery i.e. mobile Police stations, Chemical laced water canon trucks and helicopters in the vicinity of the venue hours before the event to instill fear and intimidate participants not to attend.
e) Preventing members of public from entering the venues by force and deception
f) Deliberately requesting personal identification numbers from intended participants and recording their personal particulars with the view of taking actions in future.
We now write to you to as a last resort to advise the Malaysian Government to stop this unlawful and unconscionable behavior of instilling fear among the poor oppressed and marginalized Minority Indian community.

We also seek your kind indulgence in advising the Malaysian Government not to interfere on the rights of about 10,000 poor and oppressed minority Malaysian Indians who would be gathering in front of the British High Commission on the 25th November at 10.00 am to formally and peacefully submit a Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to appoint legal Counsels to represent the poor, oppressed and marginalized minority Malaysian Indians in their civil suit against the Government of United Kingdom.

This gathering would serve as our final attempt to make a plea to Her Royal Highness the Queen to help us obtain legal representation in the United Kingdom so as to enable us to present our case fairly in the British Courts of Law. It is a purely peaceful gathering intended to highlight our plight and to show Her Majesty that Malaysian Indians are united in this struggle to obtain Justice in the British Courts.

Please visit www.policewatchmalaysia.com for details of our Human Rights work

Thanking you.
Yours in service

P.Waytha Moorthy


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