it was a romantic life, maybe to be looked back upon as the glory days of youth. if it was poverty, it was poverty only on paper. poverty is a mathematical equation, and expression of how much one can buy. what about how much we can steal? doesn’t that count for anything?!

and poverty in pocket means richness of experience.we had spent uneventul period of our livespaying rent and long practiced the dull habit of paying for things. But those years of school, work, and middle-class lethargy are a clur. being “born again” for us wasnt’ finding “God.” but shedding covernience. then life began, and since then we remember each dumpster, abandoned house, and food-chase by retailsecurity. at night, after running around, plotting and scheming, our checklist items all crossed out, we paused to think – “what to do tomorrow?” and the answer was always “as we please…”


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