I haven’t update photos for a long time, basically it is becuase the second camera i got from my brother is broken, so I dont have anything to take photo with.

but i borrow my younger brother’s cellphone and took a couple of picture.
and it goes :

the land of freedom

This one dadicate to Mark, Burma, and that Campaign!
Real man size, and hopefully this also help you to figure out how to make big stencil, you cut and cut, and put them all together like little windows…

from Mark

new look of the room

book for anarchy library

couple of my fav ones

sticker hall-of-fame



  1. HEEEY! i dont know much about Asian Anarchism; but looks like you’re putting a effort to make it strong.

    PLEASE!! contactme! Union produces strenght!

    Cheers from Mexico

  2. contact

  3. right on! ive been doing stencils for awhile and that pic helped alot
    cheers form canada keep painting because the streets belong to us !

  4. well yeah, the street belongs to us, the art speaks!

  5. Well,as an old punk i have to say this looks very familiar.

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