Thailand Anarchist

Finally!!!!! we are in contact with them!

my next try is: Burma, vietnam…. I am very possitive about it! so the anarchist in asia, UNITED!



  1. I will move from France to Thaïland in next future.
    I really need to find camarades there. (libertarian/anarcho-syndicalist)

    Thank you if someone can help me to find those.


  2. larpoux, write me an email at xxxemxxx at gmail dot com

    in thailand there’s only a few anarchist, and no anarchist group, I dont think any anarcho syndicalist, some individualist anarchist. these days we are doing an asian anarchist network, trying to link all the anarchist in asia to work/help each other.

    so, i will send you the invitation. thailand is gonna be a hard place for anarchist. but its good for them to have you.


  3. Like Larpoux, I juste arrived from France 3 weeks ago and I’m looking from camarade in Thailand and BKK. Please Larpoux and Emblack, you can send me an email here

  4. I’m visiting Se Asia in a few weeks and would love to meet fellow like minded anarchists there. Any bookshops, infoshops, clubs, cafes or anything you would suggest?

  5. Same here. I’m from Ipswich/Brisbane Community Action Trajectory. I’m in Malaysia,. where there’s plenty of anarchists, but having trouble finding any info about (A)’s in Thailand. Help please? My email’s

  6. hi , my name is brujo im spanish and im living at koh tao . if somebody caming to koh tao here its my contact .

    ¡ salud y revolucion ¡

    saludos libertarios

  7. my email ist :

  8. Hello, I’m an anarchist from Singapore. Would love to network with my fellow Asian anarchists, especially my Burmese, Thai, and Singaporean comrades. My email is, you can also find me on Facebook.

  9. Im a CNT-IWA member from Pau, France. Looking for contacts with anarchists in Thailand or elsewhere in southeast asia. My email is
    Dont hesisate to contact me.

  10. Hi
    Im going to thailand again at october and im looking for any intresting contacts for discussions evt interview for a coming
    norwegian paper.Anyway lets keep in touch.

  11. And my email

  12. Hello, my name is Eci and i´m a Member of the German anarchsits Union FAU, the german pendant to the CNT. I´m coming at the End of december to Bangkok, Kanchanburi and Ko Tao for 3 weeks.are there any anarchsit bars or collectives or something like that. anyway contact please if you have some contacts. i like to get in Contact to thailand anatrchsits.My e-mail is:

  13. it means Ecki,not Eci sorry.

  14. Hey we are anarchists from Montreal, Canada and we are also looking for anarchists in Asia, right now we are in chiang mai, so if you have any info of anarchists in any part of asia, that would be really nice 🙂 thanks – Vanessa

  15. hi im french anarchist from marseille hopin to meet likemindedn people as i travel trough asia starting end november
    any contax?

  16. my bad

  17. We eill come to Thailand closley next Thursday. We are memebers oft the international federation of anarchist IFA and it will be fine to meet some people for discussion and for change experienc. You can Contact us:
    We arrive in BKK.

  18. Hi, I am coming to BKK now in November/December. I am a Brazilian anarchist. It would be good to meet with some of other fellow anarchists there.

  19. Cascadian (Oregon/NorCal) Anarchist in Thailand/SE Asia till June 2017. Haven’t found the community in Chiang Mai [yet], will go to Pai soon to keep looking…will soon attend a few festivals, so maybe will discover people there. There’s a strong community in Indonesia…and I’ll be headed there next to see friends. I’ll return to Thailand though and am interested in going to Cambodia as well.
    My contacts:

  20. Hi i’m from russia. We will be going to Thai in next summer with my girlfriends. Will be good to meet with comrads in Thai.

    My e-mail:

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